Bethesda Permanently Bans Homophobic Fallout Players

Fallout 76 has not received the best ratings, as many have complained about the weak storyline and lack of NPCs. Admittedly, I haven't played the game but have played Fallout 4 and thoroughly enjoyed it as I did with others, such as The Evil Within 1 and 2 and Skyrim. My experience would probably be different if I had to endure the homophobic attacks that some players encountered while playing Fallout 76. A group of players went online and branded themselves as "gay eliminators" who were "cleansing the wasteland of the queers" while proceeding to kill others in the game, according to Gay Times.

One Twitter user, AJpls, happened to be one of the players targeted in this attack and tweeted to Bethesda with a video included in the tweet, saying "so Bethesda, how do we report people in Fallout? ChipWhitehouse, Handsandhead and I literally had our characters hunted down and killed by homophobic players." One of the homophobic players identified, NathanTheHicc interacted with AJ and his friends before the incident unfolded.

They were reportedly talking to Nathan and were having a good time until someone mentioned that Nathan's outfit in the game was "cute." Nathan got offended by the innocuous comment and said "I don’t fuck with that homo shit." and promptly left. Charming. 

In the video, Nathan and his friends can be heard saying "we've come to eliminate all gays," "we're anti-gay" and "we got to decontaminate it – decontaminate the AIDS," and "keep on walking, f*gs," among other homophobic things.   

AJ commented that the incident shocked and disgusted him and said that as a streamer he is no stranger to homophobic comments but this specific event was extreme. He also commented that such comments can "really mess someone up" because the players could have been speaking to someone who is struggling with their identity. AJ also provided a link to the Trevor Project for anyone who is being harassed based on their sexuality. 

Nathan was unapologetic regarding his and his friends' comments, saying "it was just a late night of having fun and after the first encounter (seen on my channel) we felt it would be fun to offend them somehow. You can call that evil but I think it’s just playful immaturity." I agree that it was immature, but I wouldn't exactly call it playful. He also said that he doesn't regret the incident but he is not planning on doing something like that again and he does not hate gay people. 

If I know anything about the online gaming community, it is that there will always be immature people who will say anything to anyone to get a rise out of people. I personally don't believe that Nathan would physically harm a gay person because of their sexuality, but judging by the words that he used, I wouldn't exactly call him gay-friendly. Dumb maybe, but not gay-friendly. 



h/t: Gay Times

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