Bette Midler Getting Replaced By Dolly Parton?

We saw many a stars perform as Hedwig in "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." It's very common to replace the lead to either give them a break so they can return to reality or the switch is done to generate more buzz around the musical and its new star.  Bette Midler has only just opened on Broadway in ‘Hello, Dolly’ and producers are already planning on replacing her.

“Bette has signed on for one year. The entire run is almost sold out and now producers are looking for life after she leaves,” sources tell Straight Shuter. “The person that they all agree would be perfect to follow Bette is Dolly Parton. The show would literally be, “Hello, DOLLY!”

No deal has been reached yet with the country legend but she is top of the list even if Bette’s costume would need to be expanded in the bust area! Wink.

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Who would you rather see in the role? Better or Dolly?

Have you seen Bette as Dolly yet? Here she is during one of her curtain calls.




10 thoughts on “Bette Midler Getting Replaced By Dolly Parton?”

  1. Im dying to see miss Midler

    Im dying to see miss Midler in dolly, before its to late. Miss Parton would be a great choice..and just for the name factor alone…would be great publicity and fun to see, but…miss Parton has a great voice…but is it powerful enough for an 8 shows a week schedule… I've done theatre and its hard on your voice. Doing theatre is not the same as doing concert tours. You can't take breaks between each song ,to get a drink of water, or breath for a minute, or talk to the audience. You can't stop till the curtain comes down. The idea is very exciting ,and I would like be to see it happen. 

  2. Dolly Parton definitely! She

    Dolly Parton definitely! She is a phenomenal performer and a great lady. Bette is awesome but Dolly Parton is the real Dolly! Hello Dolly! Welcome to NYC!

  3. Bette is wonderful!

    Bette is wonderful!

    The show is wonderful!

    Of course the producers are looking for the next Dolly and the one after that, but wonderful Dolly Parton whom I have met and is a great person, sings with a soft voice, not one that could fill a big theater unamplified, and has whispered rather than sung parts of her songs for at least 10 years

  4. Saw Bette April 1st. She was

    Saw Bette April 1st. She was PERFECTION! Would love to see a LONG line of divas from different areas of entertainment take on the role and make it their own!!!


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