Beyoncé and Jay-Z to Receive Award for LGBTQ Acceptance

Beyoncé and Jay-Z put their love on top for LGBTQ rights and, because of that, will receive GLAAD’s Vanguard Award later this month, according to GLAAD. After accepting the award, the Carters will join the ranks of people such as Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez, who are both past recipients of the award.

This award is presented to people who have made a significant impact in promoting LGBTQ rights and acceptance of LGBTQ people. Both Jay-Z and Beyoncé are advocates for equality, using their global platforms to spread messages of acceptance and tolerance towards LGBTQ people, with Beyoncé denouncing anti-LGBTQ laws that are present in states such as North Carolina as well as celebrating nationwide marriage equality, saying “Everyone has the right to love who they love.”

She has also mentioned to her social media followers that she supports LGBTQ students, has included same-sex couples in her music videos, and dedicated her performance of “Halo” the Pulse victims. Additionally, she showcased Laverne Cox as one of the models for her athleisure line Ivy Park.

Jay-Z, in his song “Smile,” featured his mother Gloria Carter who used the song to come out as a lesbian. He also supports marriage equality, saying that it’s  “the right thing to do as a human being.”

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis made a statement regarding this decision in which she praised Beyoncé and Jay-Z for inspiring acceptance of LGBTQ people and that she couldn’t be prouder to give the Vanguard Award to them. The event will be held on March 28th in Los Angeles.

I’m not much of a Beyoncé listener and not a fan of rap so I’m not frequently up to date on their lives, but I have heard that both Beyoncé and Jay-Z support acceptance and equality of LGBTQ people. I believe that GLAAD made the right choice in giving the Vanguard Award to them, as through their art, they show that LGBTQ people should be treated as equals, not like outsiders.

h/t: GLAAD

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  1. I don’t understand the need

    I don't understand the need for acceptance and tolerance from anybody. Just be proud. A straight celebrity is giving her approval?Thrillsville . Publicly. 


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