Biblical-Themed Ark Park is Just As Homophobic as You Would Imagine

Yeah, there is a Noah's Ark theme park that's here in the same plane of existence that you and I share. Fellow Instinct writer Adam Dupuis has written about it in his post "New Noah's Ark Encounter – It's Got Everything. Even Dinosaurs and Unicorns." According to Vice, visiting Ark Encounter, created by Ken Ham, will not flood you with good times and positive memories, but instead, you'll be inundated with a deluge of homophobia and banal but plentiful ecclesiastical signs.

The fake Ark was created to entertain and reach Christians and non-Christians in order to educate them on the story of the Great Flood and introduce Creationism to people who don't believe in it. Some of the attractions are an animal exhibit with non-animatronic animals in wooden boxes, three displays that depict the pre-flood era which, apparently, had epic human and dinosaur battles (?) and a bunch of text, signs that shoot down the theory of evolution and how Noah's family disposed of their waste (which is what every theme park should have in my opinion), a room in which a video plays on a loop that inaccurately depicts atheists as being mean-spirited, and, finally, bigoted, homophobic literature. 

Anyone who works at Ark Encounter has to sign a statement of faith (for your own sanity, please don't click on the link) in which people have to agree that marriage is between one man and one woman, that LGBT people are abominations, that sex should only be had between a heterosexual married couple, watching porn is a sin against God, and that being pro-life is the only way to live. So basically, LGBT people, people who have a normal sex drive, or people who watch porn need not apply. No thanks! There are also advertisements for the Ark-hosted event “Sacred: Embracing God’s Design for Sexuality” which closely resembles conversion therapy

My takeaway from reading about this… thing… is that there is no way that I will ever attend this excuse for an attraction. Considering the fact that gay rights activists have made so many positive advancements, maybe homophobia would not be the best selling point. Perhaps Mr. Ham should try to reach non-Christians in a less bigoted way. 

But that's just me. 

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    So you wrote an article based on another article, and both of you writers never even visited this place? Sounds like a very credible source. Hahaha


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