Bill Introduced in Poland May Help Ban Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy is a fraudulent and harmful practice that hurts the people that it's supposed to help but nonetheless it is still practiced throughout the world. One such place where it's still practiced is Poland but with the help of the liberal party Nowoczesna, which translates to Modern, conversion therapy may be a thing of the past for LGBTQ Poles if the bill that the group proposed gets passed, according to

By introducing the bill, Poland has joined the ranks of other European countries such as Germany and Ireland as the German and Irish government are also looking to ban conversion therapy. Nowoczesna partnered with Poland's largest LGBT group, Campaign Against Homophobia, to write the bill after The United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities officially recommended that practices such as conversion therapy be ceased as soon as possible.

The bill says that the use, advertising, and promotion of conversion therapy should be banned. MirosÅ‚awa Makuchowska of Campaign Against Homophobia calls conversion therapy violent, as it forcefully attempts to change one's sexuality.

I'm all for banning conversion therapy across the globe because it has a very negative track record and being gay is not something that needs to be changed. But can a country as conservative as Poland ban conversion therapy across the nation? We'll have to wait and see.


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