Billy Santoro Blames His Racist Rants on Drug Addiction: Watch

Credit: Billy Santoro YouTube Page

Porn star and model Billy Santoro got himself into a ton of trouble earlier this year due to his very problematic comments about the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd‘s death. 

“Lol. America!” Lol you let your blacks loot as a way of protest,” he wrote in a since deleted post on his Facebook page. “Wake the f**k up. Shoot first.” 

He also issued a tweet made in response to a Twitter post from a restaurant’s account in Madison, Wisconsin. “As a state street business we will say this,” the space posted. “We have insurance. While we don’t want to have our place damaged… If burning everything to ground brings proper attention to the disgusting injustice in our country… So be it… Our property is replaceable. Black lives aren’t.”

This was his reaction: “Or the blacks will just breed more hatred towards them.” There was a swift response to Billy’s words as he was removed from many adult sites due to social media collectively screen grabbing his several controversial posts.

“His account is gone,” the JustForFans Twitter wrote about Billy. “Policing is a slippery slope and we won’t be puppets to cancel culture. This was not debatable though. It was vile. BLM.”

Billy, who relocated from The United States to Australia in recent years, re-emerged last month where he blamed his meth addiction for why he said those words.

“I’ve said some things that I totally regret, which I apologize for and by no way mean, while under the influence,” he said in a clip posted on Twitter. “I finally woke up one day and hit rock bottom.”

“Me and my husband Gage both have an addiction that we’re fighting, and it’s been hard,” he continued. “We have all the tools to recover but it’s been very hard.”

“Gage and I made our choice, to choose each other over a drug… we need our friends and fans to rally behind us and help us through this time. I want people to see what this drug does to you.”

Fellow porn star Ricky Larkin and YouTuber star Bryan Hawn were also called out for their words similar to this matter in the wake of George’s passing. 

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