Bitter Wendy Williams Calls Madonna an ‘Old Dirty Dishrag’

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MAY 04: Madonna speaks onstage during the 30th Annual GLAAD Media Awards New York at New York Hilton Midtown on May 04, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for GLAAD)

It looks like Wendy Williams is back to her old, ratchet, bitter, nasty self. Recently on The Wendy Show, she offered up her personal American Billboard Awards recap, and it culminated in what can only be described as a disgustingly ageist attack against legendary pop icon, Madonna.

While praising Cardi B, Mariah and Paula Abdul –deservedly, Wendy panned Madonna’s performance. She blasted the eternal material girl for “moving like an old woman,” and she declared Madonna should either stick to doing her old hits or not perform at all. Wendy then reduced the performance to Madonna basically getting dragged around by the arm on stage, “like a dirty dishrag.”

The irony of Wendy’s bitchiness is that she inadvertently showed her pop culture ignorance by admitting she had never heard of Maluma. Truthfully, many American had not heard of him before his duet with Madonna’s, but Wendy meant this as an insult.

Maluma is one of Latin music’s biggest stars and deserves far more respect than Wendy trying to suggest that he’s an unheard-of, irrelevant artist. I’m sure more people know of Maluma in America than people know of Wendy Williams in Colombia.

Long after Wendy’s gossipy trash heap disguised as a TV show is gone, Madonna will still be in the history books for all the right reasons. She is a woman who proved her power in a male-dominated world, who changed the landscape for women in the music industry. Here she is, still going strong, and it’s disappointing to see her insulted in such a manner by another female, considering her contributions and influence.

All I know is while Wendy flip flops in and out of the gloom of her own personal life playing out in real time, Madonna is spreading joy, music, and art, and any misguided assessment that Madonna is somehow past tense, is easily dismantled by the following report from Billboard Magazine:

“Medellín debuts at #34 on Hot Latin Songs, the Billboard chart combining airplay, digital sales, and streaming data. The song, released by Madonna on April 17 as the first single from her new album, Madame X, makes it debut with only two days of sales and streaming activity – scoring 5,000 downloads according to Nielsen Music – and 5 of airplay. It also enters straight to #1 on Latin Digital Song Sales.

This makes Medellín Madonna’s fourth entry on Hot Latin Songs; she was last on the chart back in 2009, when the list was purely airplay-based. That October, she reached #35 with the English-language track Celebration.”

More than just a recording artist, Madonna is an ally to humanity, building schools in Africa for poor children and working tirelessly for LGBT rights and fighting HIV. As for her age, yes, on top of that, she is 60 years old, with one of the hottest, buzzed-about records of her career, complemented by an impressive Billboard Awards performance. She was also named the 50th anniversary Stonewall Ambassador for World Pride 2019 and just last night received a “Lifetime of Change” award from GLAAD. Oh and she’s still snatching international covers of Vogue.

Madonna British Vogue Cover 2019

In contrast, what is Wendy doing at 54 that gives her any authority to dim the flame of a badass 60-year-old like Madonna? What does Wendy ever do besides dip a tea bag and gossip about other people’s lives? Twitter dragged her for coming for Madonna, and justly so.

When it comes to Madonna, she is a legendary enigma, and when it comes to tea, Wendy should be so lucky if Madonna ever allowed her to simply hold her cup. Wendy, if you’re reading this…go sip on that!


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9 thoughts on “Bitter Wendy Williams Calls Madonna an ‘Old Dirty Dishrag’”

  1. Wendy Williams, you have balls to insult a super star like Madonna!! She is great in everything she does!! She is a trend setter & always ahead of everyone!! Have you looked in a mirror lately?? You look like a drag queen!! Now leave her alone & stop hating!! Don’t be jealous! BTW your show sucks! Hopefully they will pull you off the air because you will never have a career like Madonna BITCH!!!

    • Cues, John. I believe she is a racist. Her comments fro famous people of color are always favorable. Didn’t realize until you wrote it. Oh well, she’ll continue to have her show and diss whites. I’m white and definitely can see what she’s doing.

  2. Madonna is a hard working entertainer who has rocked stages throughout the world for many years. She is truly talented in every respect. These comments by you, Wendy Williams, really affected me. I realize this is your thing however you went too far. I will not watch your show any longer. I realize this will not affect your popularity because many people love negative gossip. I strongly feel you went too far with Madonna. I will not insult anything about you because that’s definitely not my thing. I will just stick to the fact that I feel you made a grave mistake insulting Madonna so harshly. Shame on you, Wendy Williams. ??☹️

  3. Who is this Wendy William ? … is she looking for be famous making that kind of comments abt Madonna and Maluma. ? Before say something abt them she need clean her mouth first b4 say something abt them and why WENDY WILLIAM no GET A MEMBERSHIP AT GYM FIRST THAT U NEED IT MORE then be famous.


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