Blackpool Tower to Light Up Rainbow to Welcome Anti-LGBT Preacher

Blackpool Tower will light up rainbow in solidarity with LGBTQ individuals to greet Franklin Graham, a preacher with a history of homophobic comments

The Christian Evangelist from North Carolina has a reputation of being homophobic and Islamaphobic, using insulting language to describe LGBTQ people and Muslims. Graham seems determined to stamp down on therights and freedoms of LGBTQ individuals and Muslims,  He is an ardent Trump supporter and the council of Blackpool, an organization that supports the rights of LGBTQ people, recognized Donald Trump's policies as being harmful to LGBTQ people and other minority groups so what better way to protest than to gay up an entire tower? 

In the past, England has shown their distaste for Donald Trump and his policies by flying a giant balloon with Trump's head on a baby's body. This shows that not just Americans are fighting against Trump and others like him, namely Franklin Graham.

h/t: theguardian

1 thought on “Blackpool Tower to Light Up Rainbow to Welcome Anti-LGBT Preacher”

  1. That doesn’t make sense to me

    That doesn't make sense to me since they have far more murderous homophobes in the UK than dopey Franklin Graham, but….they wait til HE visits to light the rainbow ?


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