Boomer Banks and Seth Fornea Get ‘Studio Ready’ in Hot New Photo Shoot

If there are two guys worth getting comfy and cozy with on a Saturday morning, then Seth Fornea and Boomer Banks are definitely in the running for a jump in the sack with.

The popular adult film star and international model/go-go dancer recently did a very sexy photo shoot which finds them in and out of bed, showering and clearly enjoying each other's company while overlooking Manhattan… naked.

The photo shoot was a Valentine's Day campaign for a brand called Studio Ready, which is a company devoted to keeping your butt as fresh as possible.  The Hot Coffee Scrub (pictured above) has several benefits when using it including reducing the appearance of blemishes, removing residual dirt and dead skin, improving the look and feel of your skin itself and makes the art of rimming that much better!

In addition to the butt scrub, Studio Ready also has a Pornstar Travel Kit, which includes some other great items including a coffee scrub, mud mask, and a perfecting cream.  

Want to know more about Studio Ready? Click here.

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