BREAKING: Andrew Christian Has Suspended Topher DiMaggio INDEFINITELY!

Underwear brand Andrew Christian has indefinitely suspended one of its models and trophy boys Topher DiMaggio while they investigate the several sexual assault claims against him.

Five different men, one of which is porn star Tegan Zayne and another is YouTube personality Bryan Hawn, have all come forward with claims that DiMaggio has sexually assaulted them. 

A statement emailed to Queerty from someone at Andrew Christian stated:

Andrew Christian does not condone sexual abuse or any other type of abuse or mistreatment to members of our community. We are taking allegations made by the victims very seriously. Accordingly, Topher is on indefinite suspension while we look into the matter. Late last year Andrew Christian started Project LOVE to help support various worthy charities in the LGBTQ community. Andrew Christian is committed to creating a safe welcoming environment for our LGBTQ family.

They have not, as of Wednesday night, scrubbed his image off their website. Story developing.

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  1. Today is Saturday, 03-MAR-’18

    Today is Saturday, 03-MAR-'18 and Topher's images (with his head cropped and his tattoo above his crotch airbrushed away) are still being used on the Andrew Christian website as well as in ads that pop-up on my phone regularly.

    When I discovered this on 01-MAR-'18, it was communicated to Instinct, as well as to Towleroad and Queerty, and an e-mail was sent to Andrew Christian. Nothing has changed, nor has anything been reported on any of these three blogs.

    It would seem that AC's effort was half-hearted at best. They really didn't care about the sexual assault accusations to the extent that they would remove his images in their entirety. After all, he has a hot body and the underwear looks good on him.

    A business lying to us? What a shock!

  2. A.C. is doing the right thing

    A.C. is doing the right thing. Everyone is ready to accuse and relate to other stories, but there's no true proof been brought forward. For all we know they could be lies or truth. People are so pulled into social media and journalists they don't stop and think. C'mon people you are smarter than them.

  3. The people who are on here

    The people who are on here defending this guy are no different than the republican evangelicals who defended Roy Moore and accuse any of the women who have come forwarded lately as victims.. y’all are exactly the same. Go ahead though and defend a rapist. He will get what’s coming to him in prison

    • You are passing judgment

      You are passing judgment before any proof is presented. You are like most of society by prematurely passing judgment.

      Until the evidence is presented we don't know if he is guilty. For all we know he is innocent. So many people are making allegations against people of notoriety and ruining there lives. 

      People should hold their judgment and stay off the band wagon

  4. Lol the gay community will of

    Lol the gay community will of course defend him because he is a hot model that fits their standard look. Guys like him can never rape others.. gay community really sucks. Bet ya if he guy was black everyone in the gay community would be screaming guilty! 

    • Yes Topher is hot but until

      Yes Topher is hot but until there's actual proof against him, no one will believe he raped anyone unwillingly. 

  5. This trend of accusing

    This trend of accusing someone whiteout proof is Not fair or Just.  Anyone of us can make up stories and lie to our teeth, and accuse anyone famous.  Whatever happened to our Justice System?  Anyone is Innocent Until Proven Guilty! Did the accusers five proof? Did they file charges ? Did they go to court and sue him? No they didn’t, because they have no proof. And they have no proof because ??!??? 

    • They aren’t false… I’ve

      They aren’t false… I’ve seen him do that to multiple people. Anyone who knows him has seen his aggression. It was honestly a matter of time. He really had it coming. I know a lot of guys that are relieved this story finally came out. There are so many more than just 5… more like 500.

    • So when a dude rapes you and

      So when a dude rapes you and you have no evidence, the rest of us will say the same thing you made it up 🙂 easy to say the victims are liars until it happens to you.. 

      • Every hospital in the country

        Every hospital in the country carries rape kits, when someone is raped, that's what is required to make a rape case.  If I were ever raped I'd use one.

  6. Whatever happened to innocent

    Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. What would suck now for AC is if the accusations end up being false, shows how loyal they are to their AC models. 

  7.  lets wait for the facts

     lets wait for the facts before we hang him yes 5 people have come forward and maybe its true and maybe its not but lets let the facts prove him guilty. It wouldn't be the first time some one accused some one for doing something and others jumped on and said ya happened to me to .Again im not saying innocent or guilty of what hes been accused of so before you fly off the Handel and start calling me names like people are doing for just stating there opinion 

  8. He nice guy why people are

    He nice guy why people are like that rember God he forget thing a.c. don't lesson to the people dfont take his pic 

  9. Very insulted by his hosting

    Very insulted by his hosting at a hotel opening.  He was a really rude dude.  

    Glad to hear he’s facing his music and being held accountable for his behaviour.  He might be a nice guy under the mask.  But his behaviour is the issue.


  10. It’s all fake, no one has

    It’s all fake, no one has come forward with anything, someone is spreading rumors. He’s not going anywhere! 

    • People actually did come

      People actually did come forward. Do a google search before you sound and look like an idiot.

      • Too late, Jacob Knight

        Too late, Jacob Knight already sounds like an idiot.  Must be a Trump supporter with his "fake" comment – ignoring facts and claiming this is all rumor

        • Typical punk-a$$ liberal

          Typical punk-a$$ liberal comment. Liberals have lost it in today’s world. From fake news to overreactions before truth. Liberals used to stand for justice and equality. Not anymore. Just look at these rushed comments.

  11. Why is his pictures still on

    Why is his pictures still on the Andrew Christian website? Take it down AC, if you truly believe it. I just stopped my subscription to AC. 

    • You shouldn’t have stopped

      You shouldn’t have stopped your subscription. I’m all honesty it’s obvious they don’t support this type of behavior in anyway. Because 1 person screws up, should not affect the many other positive models out there. It’s a horrible situation he’s in, but what about the many other AC models that put out positivity… 

      • Does Andrew Christian support

        Does Andrew Christian support rape? Probably not, but does Andrew Christian support positivity? As much as Victoria's Secret does. AC sells sexy and suggestive underwear to make money, and that's fine, but when I look at an Andrew Christian model, I think he's hot, period. I don't think feel good thoughts and go out to change the world. Also one person screwing up? Topher DiMaggio is a porn star.  How many porn stars both male and female have died violent deaths, have faced drug charges, have been arrested for assault and in some cases murder? Lots of them screw up.

  12. It to 5 men to come forward

    It to 5 men to come forward and his face is still on their site. Come on up bro up and do the right took you way too long to do this. No means No. 

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