Bridal Shop Ad Features Interracial Lesbian Couple

Bridal store chain David's Bridal launched an ad that features various couples, including two lesbian brides, reports LGBTQ Nation.


In the ad, multiple different weddings are shown, such as a wedding in the forest, a wedding on the beach, a wedding where the couple already has a child, and one featuring an interracial lesbian couple.

The purpose of the ad, according to David's Bridal, is to accurately represent the brides that they see today. They also mentioned that they "value every type of bride."

I think that it's a great thing that such a popular bridal store is becoming more inclusive and realizes that not everyone who gets married marries someone of the opposite sex or in a church or other conventional places. Inclusivity will help certain people understand that LGBTQ people are like everyone else and deserve the same marital happiness that people enjoy.


h/t: LGBTQ Nation 

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