Bryan Hawn Is Not Just A Lip Syncing Hunk, He’s A Talented Singer And Pianist, Too.

We love his buns, may they be clad in undies or a Speedo or may they be bare for all to see.  His smile and gaze brings us joy as he flaunts his sculpted body while lip syncing to pop hits.  It's why we watch and why we wait for his next video release.

So if it ain't broke, don't fit it, right?

This week were reminded that Bryan Hawn can sing, and wait, oh yes, he can play the piano.

One of his latest videos feature just a piano, his voice, and an iPhone.  Oh. and a sweatshirt, too.



Thanks Bryan for sharing this with us.  Clothed or unclothed, singing or lip syncing. 

We'll watch it all – so keep sharing!

Adele has been a little overdone recently by every man, woman, child, dog, etc, so if you want proof he is not a one hit wonder, you can look up previous videos of Bryan singing other hits.  This is one of my favorites of his.



The only thing I wish he would do is get some help recording his own covers.   The recording quality is not the best.  But then again, since it is so raw, we get to hear his voice and his playing without the ever popular auto tune or playback.  So, yeah, never mind.  Keep doing what you are doing!

And yes, we love your buns, too.

4 thoughts on “Bryan Hawn Is Not Just A Lip Syncing Hunk, He’s A Talented Singer And Pianist, Too.”

  1. Yeah, his YouTube personality

    Yeah, his YouTube personality is split between the sexualized body stuff and the great singing. Personally, I've seen enough skin in my life. I'm much more interested in his singing vids.

  2. ok I’m officially in love <3

    ok I'm officially in love <3 so incredibly talented

    The voice of an angel, plays the piano, raised a fucking hyena, and has an ass that can make any straight guy take a second look.



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