Bryan Hawn Sings! Adding New Channel For Fans To See More & Avoid Being Banned. First Gay Kiss.

We've been a fan of Bryan Hawn's for some time now here at Instinct.  We're also fans of the Warwick Rowers, but as you know … The Warwick Rowers Were Just Banned From YouTube.  More YouTubers will need to watch what they post on the generic site for all to see. Bryan Hawn has decided to keep being sexy, risky, and share with us as much as he can on YouTube and keep the very steamy stuff for a new RED hot channel.


Over the years, every once in a while, YouTube will BAN my videos for being too crazy for their public audience. This has been very frustrating because I put a lot of time, energy, and money into each of them. It turns out YOUTUBE will allow me to offer the videos on a paid content platform… so I started my new channel "BryanHawnRED" ( As much as I tried and wanted to offer this content for free, at least their is still away for me to share these crazy ass videos that didn't quite make it to the public eye permanently. Much love to you and thank you again for all your support! -Bryan Hawn  


Now the question is, will you head over to the pay site? or will you just watch for free?  Artists need support as well as need to be able to create what they desire.  Bryan's RED channel will allow for that to occur.

Best of luck Bryan! 

And, just a little thank you.  I know in one of my last posts about Bryan Hawn and his videos, I mentioned he was a good singer, too.  He's more than a butt, lips, body, gyrator, and sweet guy.  He can as well sing.  Here are two of his newest videos where he lets his voice be heard.

BRYAN HAWN – HOW WILL I KNOW (Original Version)



Bryan teams up with Michael Anderson: ( for a great love song. It is apparently the first time that Bryan Hawn has a gay kiss on YouTube.  Great job on this song, too guys.



Bryan Haw

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  1. OMG both their voices are

    OMG both their voices are amazing!!!!

    Michael Anderson slayed the end and those harmonies were incredible!


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