Buttigieg: “What Has DeSantis Done To Be Part Of The Solution?”

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg echoed all of us when he came for the racist, sexist, homophobic, lying, and cheating Governor of Florida last week at the 2022 Texas Tribune Festival. Discussing the recent, and probably illegal, stunt Governor Ron DeSantis pulled lying to refugees and putting them on a plane to Martha’s Vineyard our favorite gay politician did not mince his words saying,


“These are the kind of stunts you see from people who don’t have a solution. Governor DeSantis is in Congress. Where was he when they were debating immigration reform? What have any of these people done to be part of the solution?

As the crowd applauded Buttigieg continued, “so you know, I get that if you are after attention it’s one thing to call attention to have a course of action…it’s another thing to call attention to a problem because the problem is actually more useful to you than the solution, and that helps you call attention to yourself.”

Exactly! Thank you Secretary Pete for saying what needs to be said. And it is not being said by enough Democrats. Where is the outrage? 


The GOP are bottom-feeding scumbags intent on destroying our way of life here in America. I despise Republicans but to give the devil its due, their messaging and branding far outpace the Democrats. Republicans stay together and repeat the same lies and half-truths over and over and over. Democrats need to get out in front and start fighting fire with fire. Get on the Sunday morning talk shows. Get on The View or the late-night talk shows. Stop letting the GOP control the narrative. 

Republicans blame Biden for rising gas prices and zero baby formula on the shelves? (remember those days…) Democrats should be shouting from the rooftops that every Republican voted against legislation created to solve those problems. Repeat it over and over and over. Take the kid gloves off and start playing hardball. There is too much at stake. 



Back to Buttigieg who wasn’t finished yet, “it’s one thing if it was just being people obnoxious, but human beings are being impacted by that.” 

As always, Twitter had a field day posting about Bittigieg’s comments. Here’s a sampling. 




Thank you Secretary Pete for continuing to fight the good fight!

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  1. I’m not really into politics because I believe both sides are out for themselves and want more power and neither really care about the average person. But Pete seems pretty smart. It’s nice to have gay representation in him.


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