Buzzfeed Writer Disguises Himself As Cameron Dallas!

Buzzfeed Writer Disguises Himself As Cameron Dallas!

He Lost Follows Mimicking The Viral Star!

Before I get into this hilarious article, I have to admit I had absolutely no idea who Cameron Dallas was. Well, I may be lying. Unfortunately, I saw the name “Cameron Dallas” on a Grindr profile in my neighborhood and assumed it to be some thirsty porn star. It certainly was not the actual Dallas, who is apparently a popular viral star – with over 20 million Instagram followers. Impressive!

Moving forward, Spencer Althouse is an extremely adorable Buzzfeed writer who is likely going to be very happy that I’m retelling his story!

In a world full of people trying to show their bodies on Instagram – which I’ve just blasted – we witness Althouse admitting that he attempted to become viral famous by mimicking Dallas’ social media posts to gain more followers and honor one of his favorite artists. He tells that self esteem issues have left him wanting to look like – or be – Dallas. Let’s just say, it didn’t go over too well:

“Being a model — even a pretend one — is not as easy as it looks. And if you're dying to act like one on Instagram, be prepared to lose some followers (I lost over 400 followers from start to finish).”

Althouse, who I certainly find much more attractive than Dallas, recreates incredibly difficult – and possibly pointless – photographs. Check a few of them out below:


Who is who?!

There is one particular photo that Althouse claims he had to photoshop because of his package. Who is the lucky person who was photoshopping Dallas’ original?! Check it out:

Hilariously, Althouse speaks about his massive distraction:

"I had a lot of problems with this picture because it was very…revealing. Not once did the photographer tell me to ~readjust~ myself, so when I saw the finished product my jaw sort of dropped. I spent a few hours the other night photoshopping my bulge out of the pic, because I didn't want people to think I was posting the picture just to showcase my dick and balls. The picture was already bizarre enough on its own. "

For his final thoughts, Althouse claims that he has learned about body positivity:

“This project taught me to put everything into perspective. Comparing myself to Cameron Dallas or anyone else in the media is not a healthy way to measure my own success or progress. I am embarrassed that it took gaining a bunch of muscle for me to start appreciating my body. I should have been able to do that no matter what I looked like. But I think this is a small step in the right direction.”


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  1. What a bunch of self-serving,

    What a bunch of self-serving, drivel. I believe that this would fall under humble-bragging. Not to draw attention to my dick and balls, but the bulge was so big I had to PhotoShop it out…again, not to draw attention to my dick and balls.


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