‘Canada’s Drag Race’ Brings Beefiness To the Pit Crew With Mina Gerges

We knew that when Canada’s Drag Race finally landed in the Great White North, we would be getting a brand new crop of gagworthy queens, (spoiler alert-they have delivered) and were confident that the Pit Crew of the North would be every bit the eye candy that their brothers from the United States are. While the first couple episodes definitely proved us right, it was not until Episode Four that we saw that the Canadian Pit Crew truly get some body positive representation as 25 year old model Mina Gerges stepped out of his underwear and into the hearts of Drag Race fans everywhere. 

Art Courtesy-Crave/World Of Wonder

Gerges is so stranger to pushing to break down gender and body type barriers. Discovered when he was studying at university in Canada, this sultry Egyptian model has recreated iconic red-carpet looks of everyone from Nicki Minaj to Kim Kardashian, bringing him worldwide attention. His Instagram boasts a following of over 100,000 followers, and consistently showcases Gerges in looks that push the boundaries of both gender and body norms, 


Whether Gerges is rocking a barely there swimsuit, a pair of fierce pumps, or a editorial style, runway ready beat, Gerges is showing the children at home that boys of any shape or any size can rock a Drag Race Pit Crew swimsuit. 


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“Canada’s Drag Race” airs on WOW Presents Plus and Crave. It also starts airing on Logo on Monday July 27th (check local listings)