Catholic Cardinals Blame Gay Agenda for Rampant Sexual Abuse

In a letter to Pope Francis, two Cardinals, Raymond Leo Burke of the United States, and Walter Brandmueller of Germany wrote that the homosexual agenda has spread throughout the Catholic church and is to blame for the string of sexual abuse that was committed by Catholic priests, according to Daily Mail.

This deflection is a reactionary response to Pope Francis rightfully telling the Catholic clergy that as religious leaders, they are to serve the people, not let their positions in authority engulf them and cause them to abuse their power like the priests that were found guilty of sexual assault. They believe that the Pope's criticism of clerical power ignores the "primary fault," which is the straying from absolute law. They referred to homosexuality as a corruption of  "absolute moral law" and the "denial, by words and by acts, of the divine and natural law."

They also mentioned in the letter that the homosexual agenda has been spread throughout the Catholic church and was organized and promoted by a "climate of complicity and a conspiracy of silence." Cardinal Burke has also said that the reason why certain priests committed sexual abuse because they were feminized and confused about their sexuality as if that makes any sense. 

What these two Cardinals are doing is very dangerous for LGBTQ people because some people may hear this an perpetuate the myth that gay people are pedophiles. The only people to blame for these assaults are the people who committed them. It's called personal responsibility and it's a great thing. 

h/t: Daily Mail, Crux Now.

7 thoughts on “Catholic Cardinals Blame Gay Agenda for Rampant Sexual Abuse”

  1. It bugs the hell out me that

    It bugs the hell out me that they seem to blame everyone and every other orientation but themselves.  The church needs to get it together right now or there will be no more church. 

  2. THAT’S rich…

    THAT'S rich…

    After centuries of hunting and persecuting gays and lesbians, you filthy child raping pedophiles are STILL trying to blame US for YOUR disgusting perversion?


    FU@K you to the bowels of hell and back.


    I hope the next time these "men of the cloth" see peace is when whatever spawned them returns to drag their souls to where they belong.

  3. That blaming gay people seems

    That blaming gay people seems to be a way of passing the buck and not taking personal responsibility. Much easier to blame someone else than admit they are spiritually compromised.

  4. Not true.  Celibacy and

    Not true.  Celibacy and archaic rules re sex are the problem.  Gay people are less likely to molest than straight people.  The church is the problem.  It has been well aware and has ALLOWED this behavior for many, many, years.  It is now a culture in the church and rather than changing the culture and policing its priests, it's blaming homosexuality.  Typical blame game.

  5. If the author of this s

    If the author of this s article would like to talk to me they are welcome to. I am a relative of Cardinal Burke and have lots to say!!

    • Are you going to tell us he’s

      Are you going to tell us he's a big old homo? That's painfully obvious after listening to that queen.


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