Child Abusers Arrested In The Case Of Gay Atlanta Boy

There has been an update in the case of Tyler (a 12 year old gay boy from Atlanta), in which three adults have been arrested. Instinct first reported on this case back in June when a video went viral of Tyler being verbally and physically abused on an Instagram live stream.

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In the video, Tyler is seen being accosted by unidentifiable adults – with hate speech and physical acts of violence being inflicted on him. The video going viral resulted in the Atlanta Police Department opening up an investigation and Tyler being removed from his home due to the abuse witnessed on video.

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As of July 16, three arrests were made relating to the case on charges of cruelty to children and battery. Jordan Jarrode Richards-Nwankwo (18), Lorkeyla Jamie Spencer (19) and Brittney Monique Mills (35) were all taken into custody and charged by the Atlanta Police Department.


The Department released a statement saying that the video was “difficult to watch” but that they were “pleased” they were able to make arrests in relation to the case.

“The behavior in this social media post was difficult to watch and is absolutely unacceptable…

We are appreciative of the number of people who flagged this case with us and for those who provided information on the location where it took place…

Our investigators worked hard to identify those involved and to gather the evidence needed to place each behind bars and we are thankful for the work.”

Along with these statements from the Atlanta Police Department, Sergeant John Chaffee also told Fox 5 Atlanta that the abuse was just “unnecessary”.

“When you see someone, you know, I have a child, and when you see a young person being abused like this, I mean this is just so unnecessary.”

Instinct Magazine will continue to keep you updated on Tyler’s case.

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