Choir Teacher Sues School District for Firing Him Over His Bisexuality.

In 2017, choir teacher Nicholas Breiner was fired from his position at McNabb Middle School in Kentucky after coming out as bisexual, which he was never planning on doing, in an effort to prevent his student who was struggling with her sexuality from committing suicide. He recognized that the most likely reason for his termination was his sexuality and is now suing the Montgomery Board of Education, according to the Lexington Herald.

Breiner found out that his 2017-2018 contract was not going to be renewed shortly after he came out in an Instagram post. However, Montgomery County Superintendent Matthew Thompson denies that his termination had anything to Breiner's sexuality, but instead it was decided due to budgeting and performance issues.

The complaints in the suit claim that Breiner came out on April 7, 2017 and then three days later he was called into a meeting where his sexuality was questioned by Deputy Superintendent Rick Culross. 

He found out that he was replaced by a heterosexual woman which led him to believe that he was in fact fired because of his sexual orientation. Because of that, he has filed a charge of discrimination in violation of federal law with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

I can't read anyone's minds, but it seems fairly suspicious to me that Breiner was fired so closely to his coming out. I doubt Thompson's claims that Breiner was fired due to budget restraints. I suspect it was for much more nefarious purposes. 

h/t: Lexington Herald

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