Choosing The Spider-Man That Rocked The Skin Tight Suit The Best

The highly coveted role of Spider-Man has been taken on by some serious Hollywood talent – with Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland all stepping into the skintight body suit that doesn’t leave much to the imagination (even if there are rumors of one of the aforementioned stars using butt pads to give him a bit of a boost… to fight bad guys I’m sure). The iconic superhero role is one of the most popular costumes adorned by fans in the Marvel Universe.

While the debate of ‘who is  the best official Spider-Man’ will always remain up in the air, we’re taking a look at some unofficial Spider-Man enthusiasts to see which one of them filled out their bodysuit the best. Which one of these influencers who dared to bare it all in a spidey suit left us with that “tingly” feeling inside?

Eliad Cohen – The founder and producer of Papa Party and Papa World Tour recently rocked the suit for a series of photos and videos taken in the desert.

Trevor Bell – This fitness influencer and new daddy has been sporting the Spider-Man fit for quite some time now. He has been seen all over New York City as the real life superhero and has even been photographed for publications  like Attitude Magazine.

Harry Camargo – Judging from his Instagram account , you can tell Harry is a fan of traveling, speedos and Spider-Man. Or maybe he just likes showing off his… uhm well, take a look for yourself and you’ll see what he likes to show off.

Charlie London – If the Spider-Man costume isn’t quite doing it for you, then you can check out his Twitter or subscribe to his Onlyfans to quench that thirst of yours. The Manchester resident showed off his bodybuilder physique in the infamous red and blue spandex costume.

Who’s your pick for the sexiest, unofficial Spider-Man? Honestly, depending on my mood and the day, any of these cosplayers can bound me with their webs.

*All images sourced from influencers respective Instagram accounts.

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