Chris Meloni’s Juicy Booty – Enough Said, But So Much To Be Seen

We’ve been saying it for years now, Chris Meloni has an ass that won’t quit! 

The Law & Order: SVU and Oz star has been on our list of daddies we love to troll because of his ability to present his best ASSet. You may have missed the shots from the set of the SyFy series Happy! The scene (courtesy of !! OMG BLOG !!) showed Meloni’s character Nick Sax getting out of bed naked.

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Meloni knows that the fans fawn over his booty and he lives for it. He recently proved that he has a great sense of humor when it comes to public comment of his derrière.

When photos from a recent shoot of Law & Order: Organized Crime were captured by a fan, internet buzz made Meloni and his gluteus maximus in super tight pants a trending topic on Twitter. 


The actor took it as an opportunity to show that he has a good nature and when asked why he has so much “cake”, he responded “Sure – big birthday (60), big boy (200 lbs), big cake.” Meloni turned 60 on April 2.



Can we get him on an episode of Law & Order: Special Thicctims Unit?

But that wasn’t all. Meloni continued to joke with fans about his melons.





If that’s not enough proof of Chris Meloni’s behind, check out this list from BuzzFeed of everything Meloni’s butt.

Happy Birthday, Chris Meloni, you big beefy dream! Now, let’s all have some cake!


Source: !! OMG BLOG !!, BuzzFeed 

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  1. Chris has always been so comfortable with his body and with on screen nudity. Look at all the times he front AND back on OZ. Love his masculinity


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