Chris Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn Discuss Bullying in New Podcast Episode

Writers Eric Shaw Quinn and Christopher Rice talk about bullying in a new episode of ‘TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric.’ (Photo Credits:, RODNAE Productions via Pexels, and The Blue Box Press)

            “What would your bully need to say or to do today to make up for the way they treated you during those years?”  This is the question that authors Christopher Rice and Eric Shaw Quinn posed to the loyal listeners of their podcast, TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric.  The subject of bullying is central to Rice’s new book, Sapphire Spring, which is the second installment in the Sapphire Cove series.

            The official description for Sapphire Spring states:


            Naser Kazemi has never met a problem a good spending plan couldn’t fix. But working as the chief accountant for his best friend’s resort isn’t turning out to be the dream job he’d hoped for. It doesn’t help that his fashion designer sister is planning an event that just might bring Sapphire Cove crashing down all around them. When the wild party unexpectedly reunites him with Mason Worther, the gorgeous former jock who made his high school experience a living hell, things go from bad to seductive.

The former golden boy’s adult life is a mess, and he knows it’s time to reform his hard partying ways. But for Mason, cleaning up his act means cleaning up his prior misdeeds. And he plans to start with Naser, by submitting to whatever the man demands of him to make things right. The offer ignites an all-consuming passion both men have denied for years. But can they confront their painful past without losing each other in the process?

Rice and Quinn share their experiences with bullies in high school as well as read answers from listeners on encounters with their high school bullies years later and how they handled them. The writers also discuss the causes of bullying and how attitudes toward the LGBTQ community have changed for the better. You can listen to the full episode of TDPS Presents Christopher and Eric below.

Were you bullied in school? If so, what would your bully need to say or do now to make amends for what they did during that time? Let us know in the comments or on our social media accounts.

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