Christmas Romphims Are The Ultimate Holiday Gift!

Christmas Romphims Are The Ultimate Holiday Gift!

They're backkkk!

Okay, you have to remember when the original Romphim took us by storm. Yes, inspired by a Rompher – typically worn by females – the Romphim was specifically designed for men. Boy, I recall the uproar on social media when the Romphim first came out! Everyone was debating on what was happening to modern men, calling it "gay", and so on and so forth. Well, the dust settled and the Romphim became the most viral-famous men's fashion item since Spring 2017. Seriously, look at this incredible Instagram photo:



TFW even the gummy bears mad at you in da Romphim @atjustinsf . TAG your friend who would look GOOD in a Romp to win one today.

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Now, it looks like the Romphim is making a return for winter!

This year, instead of wearing an ugly sweater at your favorite Holiday party, you'll get to show up in the ridiculous Ugly Christmas Romphim!

GetOnFleek attire is not only providing us with the ugliest Romphims, but also a variety of ugly Christmas sweaters such as a stripper on a pole – which is actually pretty cute!

Anyway, I think that if you're really trying to make a splash at your Holiday party, the Ugly Christmas Romphim is definitely going to get attention. You'll even get more likes on Instagram, which is obviously the most important thing nowadays right?!

Check out these silly styles below and start thinking which your butt will look the best in!


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