Colorado Hospital to Drop Gender on ID Wristbands

Being in the hospital is most likely a distressing experience for people, and for transgender and nonbinary individuals, the process might become unbearable when they glance at the ID wristband and notice that the hospital staff misgendered them. According to Global News, Children's Hospital Colorado, a hospital that specializes in treating transgender youth, recognized this and decided to remove gender from their ID wristbands.

This new policy came about because the hospital's staff wished to be more accommodating to their patients and want them to be as comfortable as possible during their hospital visit as well as the hospital staff responding to recommendations made by a group of people advocating for gender diversity within the hospital. 

One doctor, Dr.Nokoff, said that Children's Hospital Colorado has been seeing an increase of patients with a non-cisgender identity. The hospital also recognized that it is not easy for most to grow up with a gender identity that doesn't match your biological sex and is taking strides to create a more accepting and inclusive environment for all patients. Important medical information regarding patients is stored in a computer system, so if the medical staff has to access knowledge about a patient's biological sex for any reason, they will be able to look at the electronic medical records, rendering mention of gender on an ID wristband pointless. 

I think that this is a fantastic idea. As someone who worked in the pediatric field for seven years, I saw a number of diverse patients, some with non-cis identities. What Children's Hospital Colorado is doing is commendable and, in my opinion, should be spread across the country. 

But with everything, there are people who disagree with this. Some people are saying that the hospital is ignoring science and that this policy is "nonsense." The patients, however, appreciate this move, saying that they can feel like themselves, not an M or an F on their wrist.

h/t: Global News

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  1. This is a great ideal for

    This is a great ideal for transgender children. Wish this was how I was treated back in my days growing up as a child. I am now age 64 pre/op single transgender women who came a long ways from living an unhappy life with people who try to teach me to live a life of not being my real self. I been on female hormones since March 2015. Medical retired in 2014 age 60 due to health issues no fault my own living under Cardiology Care rest my life.


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