Colorado Videographer Denies Service to Gay Couple Citing Personal Belief As Reason

A lesbian couple in Colorado was told that Media Mansion, a popular wedding photography company, would not be able to photograph their wedding because the company's belief is that weddings are about family and they believe that same-sex couples do not make good families, according to The Denver Channel.

Anna Suhyda reached out to Media Mansion, a company with great reviews, to ask if they would be able to shoot some pictures at her wedding. When asked what her fiancée's name was, she answered truthfully with "Amanda." While still on the phone, she noticed that the man on the other line paused for a bit.

Later when she checked her email, she noticed that an email from Media Mansion had come in that said “Unfortunately, at this time, we are not serving the LGBTQ community!" without explaining the reason why.

Media Mansion then posted on their Facebook page to clarify what they meant in the email that they sent Anna. The explanation is basically that it's against their religious beliefs but they will be happy to redirect a same-sex couple to another company that is willing to take pictures.

Brian Hostetter, the owner of Media Mansion, is upset that some people think of the company's staff as holding negative views and claims that he has gay friends that are willing to hang out with him. However, be mentioned that his refusal to take pictures at same-sex weddings is due to the fact that he believes that weddings have to do with "…family and producing healthy families," and that he doesn't "think there's a lot of good evidence out there that two men or two women can come together and have a really amazing effective family that is good and is everlasting." So much for him not holding bigoted views…

Anna and her fiancée, Amanda Broadway are upset about this occurence but are determined to not have it ruin their wedding. Weddings are supposed to be a joyous occasion, regardless of the sexes of the couple. 

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