Colorado Will Have Nonbinary Option on Licenses, ID Cards.

Gender identity is a significant aspect in many people's lives, but some do not fit neatly into the male/female mold. Unfortunately, many places do not have the option to mark one's gender as nonbinary so anyone who does not identity as either gender has to lie about their identity. However, Colorado is about the remedy this situation by allowing residents to mark X for nonbinary on their driver's licenses and other forms of identification effective starting November 30, according to 9 News.

With these new rules, people will be able to choose from M (male), F (female), or X (nonbinary) when applying for driver's licenses and identification cards. Anyone who wishes to change their existing gender marker on those IDs will have to fill out and submit, in person, a DR2083 Change of Sex Designation form at no extra cost.

The Colorado Department of Revenue has been working closely with Governor Hickenlooper and the Joint ID Task force for over a year to ensure that obstacles pertaining to getting an ID would be dismantled. 

Michael Hartman, executive director of the CDOR said that this new policy will be good for all Coloradans, as he recognizes the importance of proper identification and correct representation of one's lived experience. He also commented that by adopting this new policy, the CDOR will be more closely aligned with recent legal developments. 

It's nice to see nonbinary identities becoming valid, as in most of the world, people do not recognize anything outside of the gender binary. Hopefully this new policy will help facilitate some change in the way that we, as a whole, view gender.

h/t: 9 News 

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    Incorrect. Only people his gender identity disorder are obsessed with a subjective idea of gender identity. Most people don't experience anything called gender identity. I don't experience any feelings of gender; I am a man simply because I was born male and I am at peace with who I am sexually; that's all.

    There is no feeling indicative of being a man or a woman.


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