Colton Underwood: Shirtless and Showing His Underwear (Enough Said)

Photo: @ColtonUnderwood on Instagram

Reality TV star Colton Underwood is making the jump from participant to producer with the launch of his production company, As Best Friends Productions, which he co-owns with his husband, Jordan C. Brown.

Currently, the dynamic duo is working on a mental health documentary and two reality TV shows. This, of course, harkens back to his stints on The Bachelor and Coming Out Colton. 


And what better way to get eyes on current endeavors than to post a series of professional photos taken by photographer Bartek Szmigulski. Let’s take a look, shall we? 

Photo Credit: @ColtonUnderwood on Instagram
Photo Credit: @coltonunderwood on Instagram


What are those? Tighty-whities? Jock straps? Listen, I’m not into looking sexy (because I’m not…), I’m all about wearing as little clothes as possible. So, I wear boxer-briefs that have built in pockets – that way I can carry things around in my underwear besides my man-parts. 

And with all due respect to Mr. Brown, I don’t care what Mr. Underwood is wearing because he is a stone-cold stud. He can wear whatever the fuck he wants, or nothing at all…

That doesn’t seem to be the case for everyone, though. As many comments underneath Colton’s photoshoot with Bartek Szmigulski appear to be negative.

Some examples:


Now, I know that the 31-year-old gets a lot of flak for presenting as straight while on The Bachelor and for his behavior towards one of his castmates post-show. However, here’s a gentle reminder that not all of our coming out stories are fairytales. Some of us stumbled and fell numerous times before getting up to live our most authentic selves. 

Underwood, originally hailing from Indiana, is a defensive end who previously played for The San Diego Chargers and The Oakland Raiders. His last stint on reality television was last year when he won the inaugral season of Beyond the Edge. 


What do you think of Colton’s latest sexy photoshoot? Will you be watching his upcoming projects? Comment and let me know! 

Source: Variety 

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