Coming Out As LGBTQ Doesn’t Right Your Wrongs!

Why Are Celebrities Coming Out To Deflect From Their Mistakes?

For many of us, coming out of the closet was truly releasing a burden from your shoulders. Now, as this Instinct Magazine writer has been viewing the world: a handful of people are coming out of the closet as a ruse to deflect from their mistakes. As you’ve definitely heard, Academy Award winning actor, Kevin Spacey, came out of the closet. For many of us, including those who have the inside scoop into Hollywood, Spacey’s sexuality was not a shock. He joked about being out of the closet as he hosted The Tony Awards and various mentions of his “privacy” were always in the know. Although in Spacey’s case, maybe he wanted his personal life to be private because he allegedly likes his men much younger than him.

In reality, when an actor or popular figure comes out of the closet; gay people pretty much have already known. Case in point – check out this hilarious meme below:

Coming out is something that should be celebrated and done on one's own terms. Spacey comes out of the closet and it is obviously the hot topic for today and will be throughout the week. However, he didn’t come out because he’s so madly in love with someone and wants the world to know “this is me”. Instead, he decides to come out while simultaneously apologizing and denying a sexual allegation made from RENT actor, Anthony Rapp. If you missed Spacey’s Instagram post about his sexuality, I'll throw it in here for you:



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Yes, Spacey “chooses to live as a gay man”. First and foremost, Spacey, what the hell?! Is he not aware that there are still tons of people who think homosexuality and pedophilia are the exact same thing?! Did he really just try to claim him being drunk as an excuse for almost molesting a teenager?! I’ve been drunk nearly all of my adult life and I’ve never used being inebriated as an excuse to hit on a child! I should not be grouped in with someone who may be wealthy, famous, and a popular figure because we’re both gay. Spacey is an alleged sexual predator and this isn’t his first time being accused from someone on serving inappropriate behavior:



There are plenty of other rumors circulating since Rapp spoke his truth and will be multiplying in the next week. Keep an eye out for them, because they are coming. Ever since Harvey Weinstein was revealed to be a creep – the Hollywood dominoes continue to fall. I'll be here with my eyes glued to the screen waiting to keep you all updated.

I’m glad I’m not the only person upset that Spacey is trying to deflect his attempt to molest a teenager. Countless others who work in the same industry as him are lighting their torches and revving to annihilate Spacey:









There are so many more.

Why are public figures using coming out to deflect from their mistakes!? I tried to warn you all about this when Aaron Carter suddenly claimed to be bisexual (which I personally still don’t believe) as he was trying to deflect being in Hot Topics for his DUI and drug charge.

I’m tired of people using being gay, LGBTQ, or coming out of the closet as an excuse or a cover-up. I've been out of the closet since I came out of the g** d*&ned womb. But, if a public figure comes out, they'll soon be presenting awards at the HRC and a bunch of other shows that are seemingly supporting people just like Kevin Spacey.

Coming out is supposed to be for yourself and your peace of mind. I’m tired of seeing the gay community, my community get taken advantage of and being made to look foolish. Not everyone wants to come out publicly or in an emotional video for viral fame. We are gay, we always have been, we always will be. It should not be a tool to use when we’re in personal or legal trouble. No one cares that you’re gay, Spacey.  We ALL already knew! We’re more focused on the alleged attempt to seduce a fourteen-year-old boy.

These thoughts are only from one Instinct writer and do not reflect the thoughts and opinions of Instinct Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Coming Out As LGBTQ Doesn’t Right Your Wrongs!”

  1. Beyond stating the obvious:

    Beyond stating the obvious: this happened many years ago and (for whatever reason) he might not have remembered it, he should have ended with "I'm sorry."  Everything after that was just not necessary.

  2. Kevin Spacey didn’t have much

    Kevin Spacey didn't have much of a choice. He was being named and he couldn't deny his actions, and since there seem to be other people who may have similar stories about him, he had no choice. If he denied his sexuality, it would have been worse. However, you don't say "I now choose to live as a gay man" as if you're finally free to live your life. This was not the time and it does look like he's trying to deflect criticism. He was on stronger footing when he mentioned being drunk, though that's not an excuse either.


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