Conservatives So Afraid of One Kansas Student’s Rainbow Decoration, They Stopped A Long-Standing Tradition

One high-schooler in Kansas was upset after conservatives ended a long-standing tradition at the school to stop him from expressing himself.

At Marion High School in Marion, Kansas, there was a long-standing tradition where seniors got to paint their parking spots.

17-year-old Logan Waner decided to paint his with a rainbow flag.

“I mostly chose to paint the flag because it’s simple enough and I’m a horrible artist,” he said on Facebook. “It described me well enough, so it just felt right.”

As you’re probably guessing, that didn’t go over well. The school principal, Tod Gordon, privately met with Waner and suggested the student change his design, which caused Waner to go to Facebook and share his distress.

Gordon later said that his intention wasn’t to hurt the teenager but to protect him from the inevitable controversy.

“I wasn’t trying to change it because of the design,” Gordon told the Marion County Record. “I just didn’t want him to be subject to any extra attention, that’s what I was trying to avoid.”

Keep in mind that several other designs such as a confederate flag, bible verses, and Trump’s MAGA slogan were deemed non-controversial.

Then, when someone vandalized Waner’s spot by covering it with black tar and paint, Waner’s supporters appeared.

“Almost everyone in the school is helping him (clean it),” Waner’s friend Miran Stephenson told the Wichita Eagle. “The principal went out with a power washer. I’m just really happy that everyone is helping. It just show him the support he needs.”

But with the support came the opposition. One of the biggest faces and voices against Waner’s spot is County resident Chuck Seifert. Not only did Seifert park his car over the spot to keep people from seeing it during homecoming weekend, but he also regularly went to school board meetings to complain.

“Just so you all know, I’m going to be here at school board meetings until I hear you have done something to that,” Seifert said. “I think it needs to be done, it’s bad enough we have to see it on TV every night.”

“I don’t know why somewhere we don’t stand up at the lowest form of government here, not demeaning anybody, but this is the lowest form of government in our country, is the school board,” he said. “Somewhere’s we got to stand up. They’ve taken us over, and if we don’t stand up, we’re almost a socialist nation now, and we’re getting worse every day.”

“I am not a hater, I have no problem with people, I just don’t like it thrown in my face,” Seifert added.

Then last week, the board met again and decided to find a resolution to the situation. Their decision? They voted 4-3 in order to end the tradition of seniors painting over parking spots altogether.

As for Logan Waner’s thoughts?

“I really don’t know what to say, but I guess congrats to the school board for taking away their students’ freedom of expression and originality,” he said.

h/t: LGBTQNation

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