Core Acrobatics – Flaunts New Design For All To See.


I recently fielded a question from one of our readers.  He was becoming more confident in his own skin after losing some weight and building some muscle.  He was feeling good about himself and wanted to know where to get some sexy underwear.  Well I guess we don't show enough men in their undies, but more so out of them!


I told him has always been a good site to shop for fun and new styles. There are many different ones out there to find the right style, fit, quality, etc that you are looking for. has been another good one, but I am just speaking from personal experience.  The best thing to do in my mind is to try different ones and don't settle on one that offers you the best discounts and pricing.  Fit and quality are important. 


After doing laundry last night and discarding some undies that had seen better days, I was planning a trip to TJMAXX to stock back up.  Lucky for me, it looks like there is another fit and quality product I need to try out from .  Core looks like a new style of undies and that is often rare.  Yes, we see some new styles once in a while that only porn stars should be wearing, but this one actually looks like a style that may be for not just these model types in the video below, but for all to wear. 




Did you notice the undies in the video? Yeah,  they were there.  Go back and watch it again.  After I'm done this blog, I might just go order me a pair or three. For a direct link to the Core page, click here.

Maybe I'll do a review of Underwear sites, but in the mean time …

What are your favorite underwear sites out there? 

Who has the best quality and fit for you?

Apparently other Instincters want to know.


What do you think?