Country Singer Samuel Saint Inspires LGBTQ+ Community with New Song

Country singer Samuel Saint recently released a song called “Pray the Gay Away”, and it’s not at all about how it looks based on the title.

(c) Samuel Saint / Pray the Gay Away

The video starts off with Saint singing about kissing a pal when he was young, which he apparently did “for fun.” As he strums his guitar, he continues to sing how his father eventually found out about it, and basically said:


“Son, I know you’re growing / I ain’t got time for no homo’n”

The video then shows the singer dropping on his knees to pray, as he sings the titular line.

“You gotta get down on your knees now boy,

and pray the gay away,” the song continues.

All throughout the video, Saint sings about how he tried to “pray the gay away” when he was 17 and felt attracted to a quarterback at his high school’s football team, as well as barely being able to keep it in his pants when he joined the military and had a bunk mate named Gary.


The satirical country song ends with a powerful message, and seems to have resonated with the members of the LGBTQ+ community.

“When I was in high school back in 1968, I couldn’t stop dreaming about our quarterback. Wish your song was around then because I suffered for years in silence. Hopefully, your song and understanding will help others. God bless you,” one YouTube user wrote.

“I would not have pegged myself as a country music fan, but I’m a huge fan of everything you are doing and your musical message. This and all your songs. I’m praying for all the gay or whatever it takes for you to get on top. Too much entendres? Keep kicking ass Samuel Saint,” another one expressed.

You can watch the music video of “Pray the Gay Away” here to see what you think:

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  1. Sadly I can relate to “praying the gay away” as one of 2 gay boys in our small church. I always wondered what happened to the other boy, I hope he went on to be successful and well adjusted.


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