Craigslist Ad Placed by Husband – I Need a Gay Friend For My Wife

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When people say, “Love knows no boundaries,” it could go up to the lengths of finding your wife a gay man on Craigslist to ensure that she is safe when partying even without him.

And this happens to be a true story, as a husband from New York posted a Craigslist ad, which was titled:


“Looking for Gay man to take wife out to party (Chelsea).”

A screenshot of the listing was posted by a popular nightlife producer named Terence Edgerson on Instagram. On the listing, the husband briefly described his wife writing,

“My wife is great but she always wants to go out. Especially to Brooklyn electronic music events. Unfortunately, I’m unable to keep up with her. I’m not disabled or anything. I just need someone who can chaperone her to these events as a friend so I can get some rest.”

He continued,


“Ideally, you’re into this type of music, you like to party, and are probably in your late 20’s to 30’s. She’s 30.”

The husband stated the hourly rate, and also offered to cover the price of admission to any event. He specified that the events take place “most likely on a Friday or Saturday.”

He then concluded the post by writing,

“If you’re interested, please respond with a brief description about yourself. Thanks.”


During a phone conversation with TODAY, Edgerson, also known as NY Social Bee online, stated:

“I host parties for different people… and so I was reading it and I was cracking up thinking, ‘Oh my god, this is me, someone gay to take out my wife.'”


“I think that it also really shows our community, how we really love to bring people in and take care of them — like come with me and I’ll show you everything,” he further shared.

Edgerson also said that he found the husband’s Craigslist post very admirable expressing,

“It’s super sweet of him being like ‘Someone, please hang out with my wife and also know that she’s not going out by herself and she’s safe with someone.’ Which is what we always look for in nightlife and clubs: making sure that people are with friends and they’re safe.”


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