Cute Couples Pic Was Simply Captioned With 2 Heart Emojis

Out NFL player Carl Nassib shared a sweet photo on Instagram of his boyfriend for the first time.
Las Vega Raiders’ Carl Nassib (image via Instagram)

Carl Nassib, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders and the only out active player in the NFL, shared a sweet photo on his Instagram stories with his (until now) rumored boyfriend, Erik Gudzinas.

Nassib tagged Gudzinas in the post after adding a simple caption of two heart emojis.

Carl Nassib, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, shared a sweet photo with his boyfriend Erik Gudzinas on Instagram for the first time
L-R Carl Nassib, Erik Gudzinas (screen capture via Instagram)

During an appearance on the “Comeback Stories” podcast in September, hosted by his Raiders teammate Darren Waller, Nassib shared some insight into his life and his perspective on the coming out experience.

At one point Nassib, who openly expresses his gratitude for the full life he has, said the one thing previously missing from his life was “to be someone’s number one priority.”

“And I couldn’t have that, so that was the one thing, I was like ‘man, I really f*cking want that,’” the 28-year-old said, before adding, “But I got that now, so it’s good.”


Podcast co-host Donny Starkins inquired as to how he “got that,” to which Nassib replied, “Oh, I met an awesome guy. He’s the best.”

Here’s the chat cued up to Nassib’s “awesome guy” remark.

Internet detectives believe they’d deduced that the “awesome guy” might be Gudzinas whose Instagram page had several photos of the two hanging out, hiking, and more.


We’re pretty sure this is the first social media post by Nassib that references the two dating. 

Speaking of Instagram, it’s notable that while Nassib has over 322K followers on the platform, he personally follows only ONE account – The Trevor Project – the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.

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