DaBaby Is Losing Money And Now He Suddenly Finds Empathy And Awareness

It seems like it’s a little too late for the crocodile tears and a sincere apology. Nonetheless, DaBaby seems to finally ‘get it’. To me, it appears that his PR time is hard at work trying to stop the bleeding and loss of income for the ignorant and homophobic performer.

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DaBaby has received major backlash for his hateful and homophobic remarks – in the form of public condemnation from other celebrities, losing endorsement deals and being canceled from live performances at major festivals.


But suddenly, DaBaby wants to apologize. Is it genuine or is it just the loss of business that’s making DaAsshole, excuse me DaBaby – now want to have compassion and empathy for others? Most recently, DaBaby has been dropped from Parklife Festival, Lollapalooza and The Governors Ball Festival. DaBaby, real name Jonathan Kirk, took to his Instagram to issue an apology, (one that I’m not buying).


The reason why I am not buying DaBaby’s excuses and apology is because he should have known better. Racism is nothing new. Homophobia is nothing new. I am sure DaBaby was aware of these social issues, yet he still went on stage and furthered stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS and Homosexuality. He tried to use the excuse that brands only want to use black celebrities for their platform and how they advance the culture, yet he chooses to make disparaging remarks about another community that faces discrimination and violent acts against them? Also, DaBaby works in an industry that has many LGBTQ+ members – from stylists, managers, publicist and many more, yet he didn’t have the cognizance to realize his hateful rhetoric would not only be offensive to those distant but also to those close to him, be it professionally or personally.

DaBaby doubled down on his hateful and homophobic statements just days after he stated them but now that it’s affecting his pockets – he wants to all of a sudden apologize? I don’t think this should be the end of his punishment, those with major platforms need to be more aware of how hate speech can easily influence and incite violence on certain people and communities. In the words of OneRepublic, it’s too late to apologize, it’s too late. Cancel DaBaby – in my opinion.

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4 thoughts on “DaBaby Is Losing Money And Now He Suddenly Finds Empathy And Awareness”

  1. Fuck the Dababy, he is ignorant as hell. He knew exactly what he was saying. His apologies are fake and he should be cancelled forever. I was a big fan & consumer of his music for years. He can Eat shit & Die.

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  3. Of course he wants to apologize, because it is affecting his pocket book. Dababy I hope you saved your money, you are done, your trash and enjoy your drugged out life in a homeless cardboard box. Lmfao!!!


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