Porn Star Dante Colle Holds Nothing Back In Our Exclusive Interview With Him

Credit: The Rub PR

There are many factual things about porn star Dante Colle. For one, he’s a sweet mixture of adorable and sexy. Two, he knows how to perform on camera which has resulted in him winning a bunch of awards throughout his booming career.

Three, and this is something I’ve just learned after interviewing him, he’s brutally honest. Honest in a way that’s refreshing as he owns who he is regardless of what other people think of him. Dante’s life in the adult industry goes beyond the gay world as he’s also excelled in many other facets of it including straight, bi and trans. And he’s enjoying every minute of it.


The hunky Californian, who costars alongside other well-known men in the industry like DeAngelo Jackson and Pierce Paris in the COVID-inspired documentary Pornstar Pandemic, chatted with me about how all of this began, why he’s content being who he is and what it was like to have sex while pretending to be blind. 

Credit: The Rub PR

I’ve interviewed a lot of guys in your industry, and this is always the question I start with. How did you find yourself in it?

I was scrolling through Backpage, as a curious 18-year-old, and there was the adult job section.


I went through that and saw an ad that was looking for young adult males for adult films. I was like, “F**k yeah, I can do that.” So I applied and two weeks later I made my way to Las Vegas and began shooting for a website called Corbin Fisher.

I do find that a lot of guys usually start on one of those types of sites which then parlays into a bunch of other things. So obviously your work on Corbin Fisher allowed you to do that, yes?

Yeah, pretty much. I mean, it was my ability to get out of it that allowed me to do other things. But they weren’t the best, let’s put it that way.

You’re one of the few, like Wolf Hudson and Colby Jansen, who do a lot in the industry. It’s not just gay films as you’ve also done straight, bi and trans. Is there one that you prefer or is it a come one, come all kind of situation that’s equally enjoyable?


Recently I’ve been pretty much doing equal amounts of straight and gay. I would still say that bi is my favorite because it’s like A, you get the best of both worlds and B, the people that are in that crowd are typically just more laid back and fun and I guess you’d say more professional than others.

Credit: The Rub PR

I will say that I’ve seen comments on this from a lot of people, but do you find that you get… that sort of people judge you for being so wide ranging as a performer, as they would prefer for you to stick to one type? Do you know what I mean? Because I know that some gay guys tend to be very critical of this. Have you ever received any backlash and how do you respond to people who are critical of this matter?

I do get people who are critical about that and people who spew hate and talk s**t about it, but to me it’s not that big of a deal. When I look at the amount of people that view it, that view my stuff that are supportive in comparison to people that give hate for that, it’s so low. So it’s not something that I really care about or would even really care to hear their opinion.


I really don’t respond or put any energy into it because all the points that they give are very illogical and no matter what content that you talk, no matter what you reply to them with, it just does not click with them and they’re still going to hate you.

So why would I try? Why would I waste my time and energy? Because they think that there is only gay and straight and if you’re not gay then you’re a f***ing problem. I hate that mentality. Gay culture has had so much discrimination and hate and just terrible things happen over the years. And for you to give that same, well not same, but the same idea of discrimination towards someone else for their sexuality, it’s like you are the evil that you were fighting against. It’s just so contradicting.

On a different note… you tied for 2020 Performer of the Year at the Grabby’s with Michael Delray which is a really big deal. How did it feel when you found out that you won?

I was honestly shocked because throughout the years I felt like a lot of these awards were political and kind of bought out and this and that. And then for me to win something with one of my best friends proved to be the exact opposite. So I was kind of f***ing shocked. But I was in the best way possible, I was so excited. I put a lot of effort into this and that’s something I love to do. Winning Performer of the Year for that was just the best feeling ever.


I ask this to everyone, but is there a particular performer or scene or a director that has been your favorite?

I really can’t say if there’s a particular scene, because there are a few that stand out. I mean, I’d have to think about it. It just kind of depends like the one that turned out the best, the one that felt the best, or one that was the most fun on set.

But I would say as far as gay scenes go, the one that probably stands out and I had the best time on was the one I won Best Actor for. It was a movie called At Large (Raging Stallion) and I played a blind guy as well as his evil step-brother or evil brother or whatever the one that was doing all the killing.

Part of the role included me having sex as the blind guy. There’s finding that balance of making the scene look hot but also accurately portraying someone who is vision impaired. So they’re just kind of like all these different things that were mixed together which is why they stood out.


Do you have anything special planned in the future that our readers or your fans should know about both in and out of the industry?

I don’t really have any big scenes planned as of now. I’m always working on my constant growth while remaining calm in the process. Something I’ve taken up on outside of the industry is motorcycle racing.

Well, is there a bigger plan? You’ve won stuff for acting too, which, a lot of people don’t really factor that in when it comes to the adult world. Do you want to go a little bit more mainstream at some point? Would you want to go into the sports world with motorcycle racing? What’s the ultimate goal for you?

The goal for me is to pretty much always stay in the porn industry. I love it. But with that said like, if there was like mainstream acting opportunities, I would jump on it, but it’s not something that I’m going to actively pursue. I feel like it’s a waste of time.

But I guess the only other thing is I have been trying to get into is stunt work. If that works then it will just be an addition to what I’m already doing in the industry. That’s the goal for me.