Daughter of Homophobic Candidate Urges People Not to Vote for Her Dad

Steve West of Missouri is running against incumbent Democrat state official Jon Carpenter. West is, however, horribly racist and homophobic according to his daughter who is urging people to not vote for him, reports Pink News.

Emily West, Steve's daughter, says that her father is a "fanatic" and that his "ideology is pure hatred" and that it's "totally insane." So, what makes him a fanatic?

To start with, he has a YouTube show (that is so restricted that I can't share it) in which he expresses his dislike of former president Obama, who he has called a "gay bitch" who is married to Michelle Obama who, Steve West believes, is a transgender woman who was born as Michael.

Other gems from his show include him saying that Hitler was right, that gay and Jewish people are linked to a "Synagogue of Satan," and that gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender people are representative of a "foul perversion" and that "these people" are poisonous to Western civilization. In addition, Andrew West, Steve's son, said that his dad had the same objective as the recent Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter (removing Jewish people from the United States).

Despite his hateful rhetoric, West earned 49.5% of the Republican vote in the August primaries in which he was running against three other Republican candidates. Emily is perplexed by how many people are putting up campaign signs for her dad, saying that she doesn't understand how anyone can support a person who says such horrible things. 

Missouri Republicans are trying to distance themselves from West, saying that his vitriol is not indicative of the views of Missouri's Republican party. I sure hope so.

The midterm elections are on November 6th and I urge and Missouri-based Instinct readers (and anyone who is eligible to vote, really) to get to the polling station or mail that ballot so that we can prevent horrible people like Steve West from gaining any political power.



h/t: Pink News, Kansas City Star

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