Debra Shading E! to No LGBT: 5 Major Takeaways from Last Night’s Golden Globes

The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards took place last night live on NBC.  The perennial awards ceremony, which honors the best in television and film, was hosted by late night talk show host Seth Meyers and was a much different program this year compared to the past given the climate of the #metoo campaign which was primarily referred to that night as Time's Up.  This became a running theme of the night, both in talk and in fashion, however there was many more takeaways from the night than this incredible cause.

Here are the five that were most noted for it's awkwardness, memorability and above all… reasons to tune in.



Debra Messing Shades E!… While Being Interviewed by E!

Debra, who is very outspoken in her political views on social media, gave zero f***s when it came to calling out E! for Catt Sadler's exit due to her being paid significantly less than her male counterpart, Jason Kennedy… while being interviewed by E!'s Giuliana Rancic. Social media definitely sided with Deb, with one commenter saying "This is the red carpet I want to see."

No Wins for LGBT At The Golden Globes

Even though Call Me by Your Name and Will & Grace came in with multiple nominations last night, they went home with nothing.  It was a big disappointment, given how both went in being favorites in certain categories, but all is not lost for CMBYN as there are still several award shows to come in 2018 where they could pick up one (if not multiple) awards each time.  Same goes for W&G, who picked up two at the upcoming Critics Choice Awards.  The only LGBTQ person to win last night was Benj Pasek, who won Best Original Song for The Greatest Showman.  Still, with a year that had a ton of LGBTQ nomination love, it's a shame that none of that resulted in any sort of win.



Seth Meyers Skews a Fantastic Line During His Opening Monologue

Being a host for this sort of ceremony can be nerve-wracking for any sort of entertainer, but especially even more so this year given the climate in Hollywood right now.  Seth Meyers did an absolutely brilliant job at skewering the lines in all of this, by making some incredibly clever jokes that didn't push the boundaries of offending anyone in the audience or really watching, for that matter.

Some of the best quotables from his monologue include "Good evening ladies and remaining gentlemen…”, Meyers: “According to a recent article only 5 percent of speaking roles in Hollywood are played by Asian actors…” Hong Chau: “… but those numbers might be off since a white person did the math," and “This was the year of big little lies and get out — and also television series Big Little Lies and the movie Get Out.”



Powerful Speeches About #metoo From Reese to Oprah and More… But Not The Men 

As the theme of the night overall was about the #metoo campaign, it became evident that several of the speeches were going to include passionate thoughts about it and that all came from each and every woman who won an award… yet not a single male really took time to discuss their views on it as well.  Alexander Skarsgard, who won Best Supporting Actor in a TV Series for his portrayal of an abusive husband in Big Little Lies, was sort of the only one to bring up female empowerment during his speech as he thanked all the women he worked with on the show, especially Nicole Kidman who most of his scenes were with. 

But it was very obvious that whereas the women were standing tall and proud with what they were able to accomplish in the fight against sexual harassment, that the men were just happy to win an award for their work.




Oprah Winfrey was the recipient of the Cecil B. de Mille Award last night, and her nine minute speech was nothing short of absolute brilliance as she first touched upon people that inspired her in her life growing up, like Sidney Poitier, and now how little girls can look up to her winning an award with similar admiration.

The speech drew upon so many different topics outside of her personally, including the #metoo campaign to her support of the journalism industry and what it's been going through recently due to the new administration, that led many people to believe this would be the first of many speeches like this if she ran for president in 2020.  The world is waiting, Oprah.  

What was your favorite moment from last night?

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