Did ‘Bros’ Need More Word Of Mouth? Or More Mouth Action In General?

Rimming can certainly save relationships. But could a deleted, raunchy anilingus scene have helped to save Bros in their opening weekend at the box office? I guess we’ll never know, unless the production releases an extended uncut version of the film. But if there was a chance to have such a juicy sex scene in the film, what prevented it?

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane got candid about the rimming scene that (unfortunately for us) was cut out. The reason for the deletion?HBOMax’s The White Lotus beat them to the punch. Is ass eating the new trend in cinema? Seems a little tongue-in-cheek in my opinion. Either way, Eichner stated that there were moments involving spit, foot play, funny positions and even a $30,000 prop [operated by puppeteers].


“There were certain positions we thought might be funny…

We were right about some of those, we were wrong about some of those. And all of a sudden, you know, out of nowhere, Luke will take your foot and put it in his face and you go from there.”

-Billy Eichner, Entertainment Weekly

Aaron, played by Luke Macfarlane, was the chosen booty connoisseur for this scene. Unfortunately, the idea was deemed flaccid after discovering that the Emmy winning show The White Lotus, unintentionally fu*ked them over. Or I guess, ate them over in this instance.

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“We were going. To shoot a rim job moment, but then The White Lotus beat us to the punch, so we cut that.”

-Billy Eichner on a rim job scene for Bros


There’s no doubt that a scene featuring Macfarlane face first in some cheeks, would definitely add some spice to Bros. Whether it would have been the difference in having a “successful” opening box office weekend or not — I guess we will never know. The film and the sex scenes included, are great. Maybe it was just a lack of effective marketing. I personally still think the movie is great and adds to gay culture!

Source: Variety

4 thoughts on “Did ‘Bros’ Need More Word Of Mouth? Or More Mouth Action In General?”

  1. BROS could have been a bit more radical and a bit less mainstream but I doubt this would have helped the box office. My screening was more empty and this was in Hollywood, on a Saturday night. Top Gun Maverick still had more people at their screening almost at the same time. I think having someone other than Eichner in the cast would have been better and cutting out the entire museum b-plot for something else would also have improved things.

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  3. I don’t think more sex scenes would have helped. The one they had was awkward enough as it was. I didn’t love the movie. I think the writing really hurt it. Billy’s character wasn’t likeable and I never found myself rooting for him. Also I didn’t get a sense of chemistry between the two leads.


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