Direct From Brazil, DJ Andres Vergel Brings His Signature Circuit Sound Stateside

With influences ranging from DJ’s Leanh & Dani Toro & gigs from Brazil to New York City, DJ Andres Vergel is really just getting started. Kicking off his career as a hobby of sorts, Vergel quickly moved to center stage in the booth, learning at the feet of some of the world’s biggest DJ’s and counting Lady Gaga & Freddie Mercury as musical influences. As Vergel hits Paradise in Asbury Park, N.J. this weekend, I caught up with him to talk about his signature dance floor sound, what Brazilian nightlife is like, and his thoughts on the circuit world in general. 


Michael Cook: Right off the bat, how did you get your start in the world of DJ’ing?

Andres Vergel: Well I started in October about 2017. I was traveling in Las Vegas and I started there, just playing privates parties for a guy that I was dating and his friends. I started doing it like a hobby, but with time and direction, and the school that I did after my trip, ( I changed it to a focused profession for myself.


MC: For those that have never heard your sound, what does an Andres Vergel dancefloor sound like?

AV: I work specifically in Tribal House & House Music, but I like to work with other variants of House Music like Deep House, Tecno House, Nu Dance & Future House.

MC: What DJ’s have influenced your own sound? Are there any favorite DJ’s, Remixers, or producers that you would love to work with?


AV: The first time I was at a party, I listened to a DJ that I felt involved in his music. You know him as DJ VMC ( This year, I had the opportunity to work with him on production. I listen to other DJ’s because well, I think that there are a lot people with really good skills! Las Bibas From Viscaya is an amazing drag DJ from Brazil too; she is amazing!; DJ Leanh and DJ Dani Toro are other DJ’s from the circuit party scene that are fantastic!

MC: Who are some of your favorite artists out there that you spin for the crowds? Any artists that you would absolutely love to work with?

AV: Well I have a lot (laughs)! I love all versions of house music that are about Pop Music or Classic Rock. My favorite artist is Lady Gaga, I love Ariana Grande also. Queen…omg I cried watching Freddie Mercury! I like music with great content in the lyrics, and with voices that are amazing.


MC: The stigma of circuit parties is always a consistent topic in our community. What are the positive aspects that you think the circuit and the parties bring to the community?

AV: Yes, they do have a stigma and it is probably about some problems that can happen in a club, event or party. To be sincere though, of all of the events that I have been at in my life (Gay Pride, Brazilian Carnaval, New Year’s, etc), the positive aspect that I see is so much more prominent. Gay people only want to be accepted, be loved, and to have fun. Nobody is perfect, and we all have a good part and bad part inside of us-because we are humans. We know a lot about rejection; about finding a place for us with the same rights of all of the other people in the world.


These events can show us just that. You usually see a lot friends smiling, dancing and enjoying themselves. Gay people are very friendly with everyone; you usually don’t see a fight between us!  (laughs)

MC: You’re originally places like Brazil and Colombia; what is the nightlife or circuit scene like there?


AV: Well Brazil is really nice! Usually you find a lot movement at night and the day all week long! Nightlife there usually starts at 11pm and finishes the next day at 7:00am! The after-parties start at 7:00am and normally they are open until 1:00pm or 3:00pm the next day! Some Sundays have two pool parties and some start at 3:00pm until 2:00am! All Sundays have a popular after party also. Brazil has a lot of movement around the circuit scene, anyone would love it! In Colombia, it’s just starting, but it’s not like Brazil quite yet.

MC: What’s next for Andres Vergel?

AV: Well I want to move to the States, probably in February of the next year. I love the United States, every time that I am here I feel special, and it is really nice. I love your country!


MC: What inspires both you as a performer and your sound?

AV: I have an expression that I want to put on my skin like a tattoo. I will probably do it on my next trip to Colombia; it’s “Take your broken heart, make it into art”.

I am inspired by my feelings. Every time that I choose some music or create a new version or production, when I am working at club and I want a new song for the next remix I am inspired. When I am creating a podcast and I want a special intro, i like to think how I feel and I want to say that via the sound. For example, I’ve played song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran at a lot of the events I spin at. It was the music for a person that I loved in the past and I enjoyed a lot.

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