Dixon Dallas on Dealing with Haters and Queerbaiting Allegations

Dixon Dallas has quickly gained popularity online after releasing queer NSFW songs that have made him a TikTok sensation with 742K followers and an accumulated 12.1M likes on the social media platform.

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In fact, he recently released a queer country breakup song titled “Leave This All Behind”, where the viral country singer expresses about not wanting to lose his lover, but also contemplating on finding someone who will treat him better.


“And though I don’t want to lose you / I don’t know who turned into / Cause you ain’t who I’m used to loving right now / It’s sad to say that my heart is running away / I think I need a new boyfriend that ain’t like you / One that treats me like a queen / No that ain’t hard to do.”

Moreover, Dallas recently opened up about having to deal with haters, backlash and queerbaiting allegations, which all come with his online fame.

“It ain’t easy being the number one country music artist in the world. I’ve got labels blowing up my phone and I broke my thot swatter because I keep having to swat away all these men and women,” he shared in an interview with Pride.

The “Good Lookin'” singer continued,


“A lot of country boys want to beat me up, a lot of country boys want to beat IT up, etc… the list goes on, but we’re hanging in there.”

He also said that the backlash and haters don’t affect him at all, and he is determined to do his own thing despite all the negativity being thrown at him.

“Backlash ain’t nothing new to Dixon… it doesn’t bother me one bit. People can keep being mad if they want. The rednecks that don’t accept me can keep calling me fake country and keep demanding I be barred from making music again,” Dallas stated.

He further expressed,


“The “he’s queerbaiting” crowd can keep saying I’m making a mockery of the LGBTQ+ community and whatever else. I’ve said it before, but I want to keep doing this for the people that tell me my music means something to them. The haters can stay mad. This music isn’t for them.”

On that note, if Dixon Dallas’ music is for you, then you can check out his latest song here:

Sources: pride.com, attitude.co.uk

3 thoughts on “Dixon Dallas on Dealing with Haters and Queerbaiting Allegations”

  1. I hope he’s not gaybaiting, can’t stand when guys do that. It’s pathetic. Having said that I actually like his gay country songs.

    • I’m not someone who normally listens to country music, but I do enjoy blues, and have often enjoyed things like KD Lang and some of Cyndi Lauper’s music which certainly is more folksy and country than pop. That said, as MUSIC this leaves me highly underwhelmed and based on how he answered the question at Attitude, Pride and elsewhere.

      Lukas Gage is a really good example – and did ask for people to respect his privacy and eventually came out, and we can also look at other people like Colton Haynes who were clearly damaged by the needless and unnecessary privacy violations. I do agree that it ‘shouldn’t matter’ – however, when someone is being this explicit, and also performing AS a character, versus under their own name, and then under his own (actual LEGAL) name, he’s got questionable follows including Joe Rogan, then he does owe better answers than “i could be [this], I could be [that].’

      When people who are clear ally’s are around like Dolly, and actual openly gay artist like T.J. Osborne or Brandi Carlile, I don’t need to waste psychic energy on this guy.

      • Exactly! He is queerbaiting & it’s not a homage or celebration of the gay community but more of a 12 yr old boy joke about gay sex.

        It’s impossible to believe that someone who has written numerous explicit songs about gay sex would be so shy about declaring his sexual orientation. He’s using the gay community.


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