DJ Drew G-On “Dirty Pop”, Career Goals & His Constant Musical Evolution

From the smaller spots in New York City to some of the biggest events in the world, Drew G knows what it takes to get to the top. From early days as an aspiring DJ simply looking for a break to a now established name in the industry, Drew knows the pitfalls of the industry and how to avoid them, and continues to grow his own name and brand. I caught up with Drew to talk about creating his own world behind the decks, merging his talents with Brian Cua and creating DirtyPop, and how all these years later, he still has that undeniable passion for the music.

Michael Cook: You started spinning in some of the smaller spots in New York City quite a long time ago and have moved on to massive events like Sydney Mardi Gras. Is it surreal to see how far you have progressed?

Drew G: I don’t think when I started that I really thought I had a chance. Honestly, I was just a young crazy kid standing outside circuit parties handing out backpacks full of cds every week.

MC: How has your relationship with other DJ’s evolved as your career has evolved? DJ’ing by nature can be a very competitive business.

DG: As I’ve said many times before, when I was younger I was a tad bit too competitive, always caring about what everyone else was doing. Now I do me, I know who I am and what I’m good at. And I work hard to better myself.

MC: Dirty Pop (along with Brian Cua) has taken your career to a totally different level and had you working with and remixing some of the biggest names around. How did “Dirty Pop” come to be?

DG: Dirty Pop originally was basically a sex party for younger guys with pop music and remixes that a few promoters and I put together in New York City. It evolved into the pop circuit event and remix duo over time though. Everything always evolves.

MC: What is still out there in your career that you would like to achieve? Any artists to work with or remix. or places or events to spin?

DG: There are so many places I wanna play, White Party Palm Spring & the week in Brazil. I’ve always wanted to play One Magical Weekend though, and I’m doing that this year finally!

MC: Every artist has some hidden gems that they only play during gigs and still remains an elusive “exclusive”. What are a couple hidden gems that you play?

DG: There are a lot of cute little private tracks, but eventually I give them all out. What’s the point of not eventually sharing them. I only keep them to myself so long before I move on to new ones.

MC: Your husband Eric is very active with you on social media and several of your posts have gone viral. How does he deal with being the other half of a superstar DJ

DG: (laughs) I don’t think Eric looks at it like that. At home, I’m just really his husband. I mean, sure work comes up but we’re married and have a ton going on outside of that. So i try to keep work at work!

MC: What does “pride” mean to you?

DG: Loving yourself and those around u. Your chosen family and friends. Most of all, being proud of not only your accomplishments, but theirs as well.

MC: What’s next for Drew G?

DG: Definitely more Ariana! A Bring the Horizon track, and some more gigs. I really just keep keeping on!

Check out one of Drew G’s latest sets here:


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