Documentary Video Shows The 1989 NYC Gay Pride Parade

Gay Pride Parades have come and gone, but sometimes we wish we could go back to see what it was all like. Well now we can.

Filmmaker Nelson Sullivan was known in New York City’s art world and club scene in the 1980s. Thankfully, Sullivan recorded himself as he participated in New York City’s 1989 Gay Pride Parade while he was wearing an outfit and makeup designed by RuPaul himself (RuPaul is also in the video).

If you are interested getting a glimpse of what the 1989 Gay Pride Parade in New York City was like, watch the video down below.



Also, it would be remiss of us not to mention that Nelson Sullivan died of a heart attack that same year while at the age of 41. This was only a few days after he quit his day job in the hopes to focus on created a television show.

Now, you can see more of Sullivan’s work here or through New York University’s Fales Library & Special Collections.

H/t: Reddit

6 thoughts on “Documentary Video Shows The 1989 NYC Gay Pride Parade”

    • Hi Hakken,

      Hi Hakken,

      While the video was recorded by a Drag Queen and shows a few walking around or joining her, the rest of the video shows her participating in Gay Pride with thousands of other people.

      Now, I mean no disrespect, but this needs to be said. Drag Queens are a part of Gay Pride. Deal with it.

      • People can actually do

        People can actually do whatever they want and while I'm not really someone who attends these parties I feel sexual orientation loses its focus and drag takes its place.

        • Your opinion is valid, but be

          Your opinion is valid, but be careful because your original comment came off as haughty and judgemental.

          And I would argue that yes, sometimes the basics of sexual orientation can get lost in the complexities of gay culture. But at the same time, drag is a large part of gay culture and history.

          It was a Black, Drag Queen that threw the first brick at Stonewall and started the Gay Rights Movement. Its Drag Queens and effeminate men who often take the first homophobic punch. While sometimes they can be overpowering, they also are the backbone of Gay Pride.

          • I don’t why I should be

            I don't why I should be careful, I said nothing worth special care. Why iss it wrong to mention Gay Pride tends to leave homosexuality in a second place while drag takes the first place?

            Homosexuality is immutable trait; drag isn't.


          • I think that may just be your

            I think that may just be your perception, since you can't necessarily identify a "homosexual by looking at a person, but a drag queen stands out in a crowd. Lol. Always seems to me the entire gay community along with heterosexual family and friends celebrate in proportion together. So I am not sure i understand what you mean, no disrespect intended.

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