Don Mancini’s New Chucky Series Includes Queer Love And Culture

Don Mancini, the genius behind the successful Child’s Play franchise – is reviving his iconic character Chucky in a new series for Syfy and USA.

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Mancini, an openly gay man, says that fans of the franchise won’t be disappointed but new fans that the series may capture will find a rich story:


“Longstanding fans will of course find plenty of what they’ve come to love, but new fans are going to find a surprisingly rich story, with complex characters.”

The first season of the series will be centered around a queer coming-of-age love story. The “very sweet” teen gay romance borrows from actual life experiences of Mancini.



“People will laugh and they will scream in the ways they expect but I also hope to make people cry…

We explore a very sweet teen gay romance that I think people might be surprised at the depth of it, and I think it has a whiff of real-life pain, scenes from my own life replayed a young anxious kid with issues.”


Mancini has stated in the past that as the franchise progressed, he embraced his identity as a gay man, and included queer icons such as Jennifer Tilly in leading roles. While the conscious effort of including queerness in the franchise did not exist until the release of Bride Of Chucky, the subconscious inclusion of queer subtext in 1988 was integral in establishing its future. One of the later installments, Seed of Chucky, brought LGBTQ issues more to the forefront by including a gender-fluid character.

In the new series, Chucky’s latest reign of terror begins after the doll shows up at a yard sale in a small town. The town is thrown into chaos as it bares witness to a series of horrific murders, revealing secrets of the town. The series will see both enemies and allies from Chucky’s past, potentially exposing the truth behind the killings and the untold origins of the demon doll.

Chucky premieres on October 12 on Syfy and USA.

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