Don’t Be Gay And Try To Buy My Christian Home!

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I had a friend recently look to rent an apartment here in Southern Florida. Advertised rent was $1650 a month.  They put in an application, paid the small fees, but then soon heard back from the listing agent, “You forgot to put your offer in for the monthly rental.” They were dumbfounded as the rent was posted at $1650.  The agent came back and said, “Well, that’s a starting point. We would like to receive your best offer.”

Needless to say, they did not go with that apartment. Sure, renting is confusing, but when you have to bid to rent when the price is right there, well, that was new to all of us.


I didn’t think renting would be that confusing.  Yes, I do know that when buying a home, there is some negotiations, multiple offers, etc, but apparently this process has trickled into the renting realm, too. 

Another recent surprise to one couple was that homophobia has reared its ugly head into their home purchasing experience. Their lesson learned: Don’t be gay while trying to buy a Christian home. 

OhMyMag shares: 

A gay couple were shocked when the Christian owners of a house they were interested in buying refused to let them view the property. The sellers quoted the bible to justify their decision to not sell to the men.

‘Homophobia Still Exists’

Luke Whitehouse and Lachlan Mantell fell in love of with the £650,000 three-bed property in Coulsdon, Surrey and had planned to have a viewing last Saturday.

But on Wednesday, the sellers sent them a message saying they were not welcomed on the property due to their same-sex partnership. The message sent via estate management company, Purplebricks read:

Dear Lachlan and Luke, thank you for sharing your circumstances with us. We’re sorry if we seem intrusive, but we just want to make clear that we would be unwilling for two men in a partnership to view or buy our house. As it is contrary to the gracious teaching in God’s Word, the Holy Bible, e.g Romans 1:24-28 and Jude 7 (King James Version). With regards.


Luke was taken aback from the response.  His first thought was that it was a joke, but who would really joke about that.  He shared that he had a good cry about it all with his mother while on the phone. Luke and his partner, both in their mid 30’s have been together for over 8 years and were looking to buy a home together. Luke did elaborate that he did come out about 8 years ago and had not really seen or recognized blatant and obvious discrimination up until this point.

The couple said that they will look for another home, of course, but did take this event as a shock to the system.

As for the married Christian couple, they insist they were only acting according to their beliefs and did not see where they had erred.

OhMyMag shared that:


Dr Joanna Brunker, 34, a medical physicist defended the decision of her and her husband, Luke Main, 33, a builder, stating:

We’re practicing Christians and are sticking to our beliefs and haven’t done anything wrong.

Best of luck to the bigoted judgmental Brunkers as their real estate company will no longer be representing them as “the sellers’ stance was against its views and values.”

Here is good Morning Britain’s coverage of the story.

Instincters, have you faced discrimination in housing recently? What has been your recourse? 

Source: OhMyMag


4 thoughts on “Don’t Be Gay And Try To Buy My Christian Home!”

  1. I can’t believe England doesn’t have civil protections, like US.

    I would finance my mother buying the house, transfer ownership and then send the previous owners (twats) a picture of me and my partner fucking on her kitchen counters, in her mstr bedroom, in her shower.

  2. These narrow minded bible thumping screwballs are getting out of hand with their ignorance and hatred. You are selling your house for Christsakes meaning you no longer want to live there or cannot keep up with the maintenance or whatever. What is it to them who buys their house as long as they get the money requested from the buyer. They are imposing their backward religious beliefs upon others. If they don’t want supposed undesirable people buying their property than don’t sell it and hang onto it if it is so “Christian”.

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