Drag Queens, Drag Kings, And The Race. Is It All The Same?

I'm a little bit of a purist I guess when it comes to Drag.  When I go to a drag show, I want to see a man dressed up like a woman doing his miss thangness like there's no tomorrow.  May it be a comical presentation, singing show, or maybe he looks like a fucking goddess from the Miss Universe Pageant or even better, having a man put on that outer facade and knock it out of the park is amazing.  Yes, they're usually 30 min late for their own reveal, but when they come out, when it is done well, all should be amazed.

Now I get some of you that just don't understand drag and stay away from it like it's the plague.  To each their own.  But some of us live for good drag.  When we see that queen in the spotlight, we gag.  But what about drag kings?

I remember going to the Annual University of Southern Maine Royal Majesty Drag Competition and Show, which had its 16th showing this year.  I think I might have attended the 5th year.  It was great to see the college kids turn out for this event in droves, not only to perform, but to be audience members and supporters.  I think that was the first time I was introduced to the concept of drag kings.  I just didn't get it.  I understood and liked the drag queens, but I just sat there, blank, as the drag kings performed.  I thought, this is what people that don't like any drag must feel like. 

Ru Paul was recently asked by Advocate.com about drag kings and if they would make an appearance on Drag Race.  The question is raised at about 3:45 into the following video, but the whole video is good to watch.





Was that a good response or a fucking great response? 

Or do you think there is no difference between drag kings and queens?

I was talking about this topic last night with my roommates during Drag Race All-Stars.  I also mentioned that I don't think it's fair for drag performers to perform in competitions if they have started to transition as some choose to do.  I don't think it would be fair for a queen to have breast implants or a king to have had a mastectomy.  But then there are those that get the lip and hip and butt injections or nose jobs or brow lifts.  Should those who went through plastic surgery be allowed to take part in a competition?

As I said at the beginning, I feel I am a drag purist.  A man with all his parts and no extra ones, dressing up as a woman and putting on a show is great entertainment.

What are your thoughts?


h/t: Advocate.com

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