Drag Queens Take Your Mark; “Frozen 2” May Have Given Us A Brand New LGBT Anthem

Princess Elsa may be the heroine from Disney’s Frozen but she has also proven to be an unexpected LGBT heroine as well. The release of Frozen (in 2013) and now Frozen 2 several days ago, once again has our community rallying around Elsa and claiming her as our own. The soundtrack to Frozen 2 includes a track titled “Show Yourself”, which has many fans saying quite pointedly, that a song with lyrics such as “I’ve never felt so certain, all my life I’ve been torn, But I’m here for a reason, Could it be the reason I was born” is a musical euphemism for coming out and is being touted as “even more of a coming out anthem than ‘Let It Go’ was”. 

Fans everywhere are loving “Show Yourself” with Twitter keeping Frozen 2 trending at various times throughout the weekend and “Show Yourself” being a big part of it. 


RuPaul’s Drag Race beloved Nina West is a massive Disney fan, and her “I Really Fucking Love Disney” number (clocking in at almost eight full minutes) showcases snippets of almost every quintessential Disney anthem, complete with signature costume changes throughout. It is probably a safe assumption that we can expect to see “Show Yourself” included in her repertoire very soon



Rumors abound that Elsa may be getting a girlfriend in an unconfirmed third Frozen installment, but we will have to wait and see if that comes to fruition. In the meantime, we can determine that it may be her love of an anthem or the eerie similarities between Elsa’s own experiences as a sheltered princess and the coming out experience so many of us went through, but either way, the LGBT community has a new heroine to worship. 

Art Courtesy of Disney

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  1. All these people are going to be real disappointed when they discover Disney isn’t willing to give up hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to be inclusive.


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