Drool Warning! Michael B. Jordan Gives Us A Reason To Go See Creed.

Is Creed going to be Rocky 8 or 9 or whatever we are up to?  By casting Mr. Michael B. Jordan, I think they may have broken the Rocky mold.  Of course this is not based on any knowledge of the plot of a Sylvester Stallone boxing movie, but instead it's all about the major eye candy that IS Mr. Michael B. Jordan.  

Before seeing Creed in theaters, we've been able to see a couple of trailers, but the video I've liked the best can be found on Men's Fitness by clicking here.  It's a behind the scenes look at the Men's Fitness photo shoot.  We can't embed that video yet so in the mean time,  we can oogle some gifs that someone joyously made.  If they're not moving, click on the first image below and let the eye pleasure begin.



It looks like I'll be taking a drool bucket to the theater with me.

Do you have plans to go see Creed in theaters or will you wait until it comes out for home viewing pleasure? Is fifteen feet of Michael enough incentive for you to buy a ticket.


H.T.  – Men's Fitness and WorldofWonder

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