Eddie Martinez Returns To Dance Floors With ‘Nocturnal Emissions’

Long known as one of the most famed DJ’s on the circuit scene, Eddie Martinez has carved out his own niche both in the DJ booth and in the recording studio. His latest full-length album Nocturnal Emissions is exactly the kind of anthemic music that we all need as we emerge once more into the world. The package is full of breathy and throbbing tracks (‘You & I’, which Martinez did with NIXON), beat heavy bangers with killer drops (‘Something Special’) and good old fashioned anthems (‘Dance With Me’). 


As Nocturnal Emissions drops & Martinez’s DJ schedule begins filling up once more, we touched base on this labor of love and what he is delivering to the dance floors as they fill back up.


Michael Cook: What is the inspiration for Nocturnal Emissions and the message you are trying to convey with the music here?

Eddie Martinez: It started off with creating ‘You & I’ during lockdown, then between you and me and then wanted to tell a story. so I decided to make it into an album, an album about a love story, a fling. A night with someone you meet out. There wasn’t any way to do this during Covid or a lockdown, so I created one through my music. The message is that imagination is very important and still a lot of fun.

MC: The past fifteen months have been surreal for anyone in nightlife or specifically, as DJ’s. What have you learned the most and what are you looking forward to as we emerge?

EM: They truly have! I have learned most the meaning of real friends and people who actually give a shit which in retrospect, aren’t very many. There are very few authentically genuine people out there. I’m looking forward to seeing how people grew, and what they grew into, if anything. If the pandemic didn’t change you in anyway, It would say a lot.



As we safely return to dance floors this summer, Nocturnal Emissions is the kind of music that will re-inspire us all. All eight tracks featured are original Eddie Martinez productions, with the album & featured artists (NIXON & Josephine Halle B.) specifically being curated by Martinez himself. In addition to his brand new album, Martinez continues his podcast, the latest and greatest being his ARENA +WE Festival package which as Martinez describes it features “big room madness, big festival beats and lots of hip shaking energy”!


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