Emmy-Nominated Murray Bartlett Shares ‘The White Lotus’ Experience

Australian actor Murray Bartlett is nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, and he recently talked about his experience starring in the HBO series ‘The White Lotus.’


Bartlett plays the role of Armond in the show, and his portrayal eventually made him a breakout star with an Emmy nomination. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 51-year-old actor shared what he thought about attending several events as a part of promoting the series.

“It’s interesting. It’s so different from the actual work that we do as actors… I’ve found it to be a really fun adventure. It can be a strange thing I think — I was reflecting back on it and thinking as a younger actor, I feel like some of it might have felt a little bit overwhelming. It’s a really wonderful and singular experience to do a job that seems to resonate with a bunch of people and then there’s attention on you in a different way. I’m at an age where I’m like, great, bring it on,” Bartlett expressed. 

He also revealed that he loves being able to meet the people that he admires when going to award shows.

“Going to the award shows and doing that other sort of part of the business of doing publicity and all that kind of stuff, I have really sort of leaned into. I’ve got to meet some of my heroes, people who I really admire, so that’s been a lovely aspect of it. And when you go into awards shows and you’re included in that room, that’s a beautiful thing,” the actor stated.


Bartlett then revealed his “pinch me” moment when he met the actress that he’s been admiring for a long time saying,

“One person who I’ve just admired and loved for many, many years is Melanie Lynskey. I was really shy to meet her but I just think that she’s an extraordinary actor and human. So that was super thrilling for me.”

Of course, the actor also talked about portraying the role of Armond in ‘The White Lotus,’ and he seems to have gone through a mix of emotions in the process of bringing his character to life.

“This role is just… It’s dreamy. It’s such a rollercoaster this character goes on and it was certainly unexpected. But I can’t say there wasn’t moments of fear — there always is when you get a role and especially an amazing role like this where you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I better not stuff this up.’ [Laughs] Because it was so beautifully written. I didn’t have any hesitation whatsoever. [I had] a moment of, like, ‘Oh God, this is awesome! I hope I can do justice to it!’ And then the rest was pretty thrilling,” Bartlett shared.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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