Everyone’s Favorite Hate Group is Suing Again

Not surprisingly, the Liberty Counsel is up in arms about another state doing the right thing and banning conversion therapy. This time, the Counsel is targeting Maryland, a state that recently banned the fraudulent practice known as conversion therapy, according to LGBTQ Nation.

The anti-LGBTQ organization is seeking a federal injunction against an anti-conversion therapy law that was recently passed in Maryland. Christopher Doyle, a self-proclaimed "ex-gay" therapist is being represented by the Liberty Counsel. Doyle has threatened to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission against LGBTQ organizations because he feels that they are falsely advertising that homosexuality cannot be cured.

Conversion therapy is roughly defined as a treatment by a licensed professional that seeks to change one's behavior and sexual orientation. However, no credible evidence has been presented to show that this type of therapy actually works and, in fact, does more harm than good.

The Counsel is making the case by referencing a precedent set in the anti-abortion case National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Becerra in which the Supreme Court found that requiring crisis pregnancy centers to disclose state services was unconstitutional. Basically, this means such centers cannot be forced to share information that they disagree with. Using this precedent, the Liberty Counsel is trying to push the narrative that conversion therapy would be “voluntary counseling from licensed professionals,” despite the fact that most of the time this practice is forced upon children by homophobic parents.

There is no shortage of instances in which the Liberty Counsel is blatantly bigoted, so I'm not surprised that they are defending conversion therapy. The Supreme Court leans right at the moment and probably will continue to do so for awhile, but hopefully they won't take the Liberty Counsel seriously and will not reversethe decision to ban conversion therapy in Maryland.

h/t: LGBTQ Nation.

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